The Making of World’s Largest Cruise Ship Airing on Nat-Geo ‘Man Made’

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I could really use a nice vacation right about now but the stunning sight of the world’s largest cruise ship will have to do.

The World’s Largest Cruise Ship, The Oasis of the Sea, is the largest and most revolutionary cruise ship in the world with the ability to carry 6,296 guests and 2,200 crew members. The Oasis of the Sea is operated by the Royal Caribbean Cruise line and made its maiden voyage in January 2010.

This ship is a technical marvel and you can catch the behind-the-scenes making of this mammoth of a ship on National Geographic’s show ‘Man Made’.

This is the first ship to use Azipods, a type of electrical engine pods that act as the rudder and propeller to propel the ship. Basically with this setup the ship can maneuver like one half its size or even smaller. The electronics are also a marvel with the electrical wiring totaling over 3,100 miles of cable. That’s enough cable to stretch across the whole United States.

The Oasis of the Sea took a total of 8,000 man-years to complete where they had upwards of 3,200 men working on the ship at one time.

Catch “World’s Largest Cruise Ship” on National Geographic’s ‘Man Made’ show on June 10, 2010 at 10pm eastern and then on June 17, 2010 at 6pm eastern. Other airing dates are To Be Announced.

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