World’s First: 630 Horsepower V8 Supercar Engine Powered Skateboard

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tony-hawk-v8-powered-skateboard-1It is one thing to live your life ‘on the edge’ and then it is a totally different thing to play with that fine line between sanity and being absolutely nuts. Leave it to a bunch of Aussies to build a creation that you have never heard of or seen in your life, the world’s first supercar engine powered skateboard.

Sure you may have seen skateboard powered by little electric motors or even ones with little gas powered engines producing up to double digit horsepower. But that is nothing compared to a shear 630 horsepower from a supercar V8 engine strapped to an over-sized skateboard as its chassis. The video below shows you the full build time-lapse of this monstrosity. The infamous skater Tony Hawk has plans to be in attendance at the Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race in Sydney, Australia next weekend where he will actually ride this ‘thing’ on the Monster Vert Ramp. Can’t wait! For now check out the videos below and be sure to turn up your volume!

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