World Cup Boosts Internet Usage to Record Levels

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fifa-world-cup-2010The World Cup is a worldwide interest for soccer fans and those with a hint of a competitive streak in them and it has sparked a massive increase in Internet usage.

Web traffic over the past few days has spiked due to the World Cup from sites streaming videos of World Cub highlights to sites that are giving internet users live updates of scores. According to Akamai, an internet solutions company, web traffic was classified as “heavy” during Friday and has hovered above average during the time of World Cup soccer games initiating over the weekend.

It has been estimated that Internet activity was highest during the Mexico-South Africa game and remained steady through the France-Uruguay game. It is also possible that many people at work are using their office computer to stay updated on the latest World Cup scores which is also driving up web traffic.

Friday’s traffic (6/11/2010) actually exceeded the previous record during Barack Obama’s presidential election of 8.5 million vpm (visitors per minute).

Below is a chart of the highest peaks of internet usage (source: Zdnet).


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