Windows Phone 7 Makes Its Debut in the US: Review Videos

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The latest smart phone operating system, Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, has come to America injecting a new set of phones to run with the older big-dogs of the cell phone market.

The last smart-phone operating system to come out of Microsoft was the revolutionary Windows Mobile/Windows CE platform. Although I proved to really shake up the smart phone market, it was nothing fancy to really steal the market. Now Microsoft has learned from others what it takes to have a good looking OS on today’s smart phones and make it work well.

Windows Phone 7 is not an actual smart phone but the software that runs on many new phones such as the new HTC HD7. It would be fair to say that any new smart phone OS has a chance to run on some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced devices we have ever seen.

New Windows Phone 7 offerings from Dell, LG Samsung and HTC are already in the works aside from the introductory smart phones that will introduce it to the Americas. There has already been a full review of the new HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 software as show in the videos below.

Have you had a chance to play around with Windows Phone 7 yet? Is it anything like an iPhone or Android phone? Is it any better? Worse? Is your thought on Windows Phone 7 anything like the video reviews above?

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