Videos: My New iPhone 4 Drops Calls When Held With My Left Hand

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Okay, I am one of the suckers who decided to buy a new iPhone 4. I wanted to get the white but as you heard, the white ones won’t be out for another month or so. My iPhone 4 came in the mail via FedEx and I interestingly enough had no issues what-so-ever syncing it up with iTunes and restoring the information from my iPhone 3G. It worked like a charm.

After that I attempted to make a few phone calls and all worked great up until my 4th call to my Uncle who happens to hate Apple and all things “i”. I talked on the phone with him for about one minute and then my call dropped. I thought nothing of it and called him back while blaming the dropped call on his blackberry. Into the second call with him it was about one minute and 30 seconds into the call and the call dropped again. Okay, now I am getting a bit concerned. For one minute I thought the government may have been listening in on my conversation because we were discussing General McChrystal and the President. Silly me for thinking that way but it is happened to other people.

So, I go on to make a 3rd call and what do you know, after 50 seconds it dropped the call again! So I go onto Google and see if others had the same issue. To my surprise there are several. There are even videos of people demonstrating what exactly is happening.


I have sweaty palms and all the while I was holding the iPhone up to my ear I had it snug in my left palm with my fingers wrapped around it trying to see if it was generating any heat (I know I am a little anal sometimes). Little did I know that I would discover how the iPhone 4 seems to have an issue with the ‘wrap-around’ antennas and cause some sort of interference when they all contact your hand at the same time. Major fail on Apples part if this is actually an issue or design over-sight.

Of course on my 4th call I used the speakerphone and finished my conversation with my Uncle all the while he was laughing at my iPhone 4 dropping calls. The iPhone 4 worked flawlessly on speakerphone but I am still a big concerned.

Below are several videos that I have found demonstrating this same issue.

Has this happened to you?? I wonder if those ‘bumper’ covers that Apple offers in different colors is their quick and easy solution to this?

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