Video: Boy With Near Death Experience Visits Heaven and Sees Jesus

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A boy named Colton Burpo from Nebraska, at 4 years old having a near-death experience from a burst appendix, claims he has been to Heaven. This amazing story aired on the Today Show in NBC today and has drawn a lot of attention due to either the curiosity of people wondering about Heaven or those critics who are drawing some skepticism towards this story.

Colton Burpo, now 11, says he has been to Heaven where he saw angels, his great-grandfather and Jesus. The Burpo family wrote a book titled “Heaven Is for Real“, explaining in-depth the experience of Colton during his visit to Heaven which has become a New York Times best seller for nonfiction. Below is the full Today Show interview of the Colton Burpo and his parents.

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Even if you think this is not a real story, it is still something to ponder and really think about. You can almost sit and daydream about what Heaven is really like from this amazing story.

What is your take on the Burpo story?

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