Verizon Lands on iPhone 4 – Will AT&T Customers Jump Ship?

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One of the big questions surrounding the release of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network is will AT&T customers start jumping ship? When I say jump ship I mean current AT&T customers will be moving their cellular service to Verizon.

Some experts speculate that as much as 20% of AT&T customers will either contemplate moving to Verizon or will actually make the move. That figure seems a bit high and really makes AT&T look like a bad company at least for those who have an iPhone (any version) on their network.

The chart below clears up any features or price difference questions that some people may have had. After looking at the chart it does not really make for a big deal breaker in terms of initial service the quality of service may be the big deciding factor here. Maybe the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature that Verizon is offering will bring some value to the Verizon iPhone 4.

Image credit: Cnet

In large metro areas such as San Francisco and New York many iPhone 4 customers have complained about dropped calls. And let’s not forget the big Antenagate ordeal where the iPhone 4 reportedly had issues with reception when the external antenna is touched in a certain spot. I got my free iPhone 4 case when it was offered, did you?

What do you think the decision to stay with AT&T with your current iPhone or make the move to Verizon will be? What about those customers who are happy with Verizon… will they replace their Android powered phone with a new Verizon iPhone 4?

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