Synergy: How To Use One Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple Computers for Free

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During my perusing of the Internet for something interesting to share with my readers, I stumbled upon an update to an application Synergy that lets you share your Keyboard and Mouse on Multiple computers. The best part about Synergy is that it works and it is Free!

The guys at Lifehacker were so generous enough to explain in detail how Synergy works and how to setup your ‘server’ (the computer that your mouse and keyboard is physically connected to) and the clients (Windows or Mac computer that does not have a keyboard or mouse).

Way back in the day two jobs ago, I use to use three PCs all with only one keyboard, monitor and mouse. This was done through a KM switch. Now with today’s technology this can be done virtually through software and your network. All you need is a working network, two or more computers connected to the same network and the free Synergy app.

The video below is a tutorial of Synergy on how to set it up and how it all comes together.

Try it for yourself if you have two or more computers that you wish to use the same keyboard and mouse for. Be sure to leave your comments below about the Synergy app.

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