Upcoming Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill takes photo editing to the next level

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photoshop-cs5-content-aware-fill-2For years Photoshop has been king of photo editing and anything related. You know a program is popular when people refer to its name as a verb just like Google. You “google” something to search for it via google.com and you “photoshop” something to edit an image using the application Adobe Photoshop. This is a very simple concept but there is not much that is simple about the power harnessed in the upcoming Photoshop CS5 with an awesome new feature called Content Aware Fill In.

The internet has been buzzing with the demonstration video for Photoshop’s new Content Aware Filter function. Basically, Content Aware Fill In is a new “quick and easy” fix for retouching an image just by using the selection tools. CS4 already had Content Aware Scaling but CS5 is to take this action to a new level making it easier than ever to retouch a photo. If you do not know or understand what I am talking about, then check out the demonstration video below of the filter in action. The video below is narrated by Bryan O’Neil Hughes who happens to be the product manager at Adobe. Three examples of retouching are demonstrated.

The question I have to ask you now is, what does a tool like this do for photography? Will we see more “lazy” photographers now that Photoshop can virtually take your photo to the next level without any professional photography skills?

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