Trojans, Spyware, Worms, Viruses and other Malware: What is the Difference?

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viruses-worms-trojans-spyware-malware-difference-1So you are just like everyone else and you are concerned about protecting your computer from malware parasites but you really do not know what the difference between a virus, Trojan, worm or other malware is.

You are not alone, the majority of computer users to not know what the difference in a virus, worm or Trojan is. Understanding what the difference between malware parasites may help you in avoiding them by selecting the right security application to detect and remove them.

What is Malware?

Malware is a term for malicious-software. Malware is a generalized term to describe different types of parasites such as viruses, worms, spyware and even Trojans. Malware can be anything that is designed to cause harm to your computer but not too specific to call a virus, Trojan or worm.

What are Trojans?

Computer Trojan programs usually appear to be one thing but have secret coding that instructs the computer to do something unexpected. In some cases a Trojan will open up a computer allowing remote access. This may present a case where the infected computer can be controlled remotely and instructed to perform illegal activities over the internet. Trojans can easily be removed with a detection tool provided that the definitions of the tool are up to date.

What are computer Viruses?

A computer virus can be described as a variation of malware but the main difference from any type of malware is viruses are known to copy themselves and be spread from one PC to another relatively easy. Viruses are usually attached to executable files targeting specific areas of your computer such as the master boot record. Viruses are usually created to damage your computer in that it can prevent stuff from running or operating correctly. Viruses can also block an anti-virus application and go undetected for large amounts of time while it wreaks havoc.

What are Worms?

Computer worms are a variation of a Trojan parasite that can ‘slither’ its way onto your computer through a network. The worm parasite gets is name because of its ability to sneak onto your system without notification through a network infecting every computer it is path. Worms also are able to exploit network vulnerabilities or holes within a network allowing outside access.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a combination of software that is usually installed without notification or permission and clever coding that can either steal personal information or lead you to a source of monetary theft. Spyware is like its name, it is software that basically spies on you. Spyware is sometimes disguised as software designed to detect and remove other spyware but in reality it is a dangerous parasite that uses deceiving methods to trick you out of money. Those types of spyware programs will ask that you purchase a full or licensed version of the application to remove other spyware. This is a common trick for software that we refer to as rogue anti-spyware.

Does it every bother you when people call a malware by the wrong name?

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