Top Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know About

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windows-7-keyboard-shortcuts-2My father use to be a fan of the old IBM workstations mainly because he worked at a factory for many years that used them back in the late 80′s and early 90′s. During that time they did not have a mouse and he was forced to use the keyboard sometimes creating his own keyboard shortcuts. Sure they later upgraded to Windows XP several years later and he found himself fondling around with the keyboard to get the system to do what he wanted it to do. Now we are all faced with the new Windows 7 operating system on most of our PCs at work, home and even in public locations. Have you ever tried using Windows 7 with just a keyboard and no mouse? It isn’t very fun unless you know a good portion of the top Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, many of them you did not know existed.

Microsoft has been so kind and generous to still allow us to use the keyboard for not only typing letters and numbers but for shortcuts to navigate your way through programs, windows and even web pages. I have compiled a list below from various sources of the several Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that you may not have known about. Now the next time you sit down at your Windows 7 PC you can literally give the mouse a rest.

Our list of Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts that you may not know about

  • Ctrl+N opens a new window
  • Ctrl+W closes the current window
  • Ctrl+Shift+N creates a new folder
  • End moves to the bottom of the active window
  • Home moves to the top of the active window
  • F11 maximizes/minimizes the active window
  • Ctrl+period (.) rotates an image clockwise
  • Ctrl+comma (,) rotates an image counter-clockwise
  • Num Lock+asterisk (*) on the numeric keypad shows all subfolders under the selected folder
  • Num Lock+plus sign (+) on the numeric keypad shows the contents of the selected folder
  • Num Lock+minus sign (-) on the numeric keypad collapses the selected folder
  • Left arrow collapses the current selection if it’s expanded, or selects the parent folder
  • Alt+Enter opens the Properties dialog for the selected item
  • Alt+P shows the preview pane
  • Alt+left arrow shows the previous folder (same as pressing the backspace key)
  • Right arrow shows the current selection if it’s collapsed, or selects the first subfolder
  • Alt+right arrow moves to the next folder
  • Alt+up arrow shows the parent folder
  • Ctrl+Shift+E shows all folders above the selected folder
  • Alt+D moves the focus to the address bar
  • Ctrl+E and Ctrl+F move the focus to the search box
  • Windows key and the left or right arrow keys docs and un-docs the live window to the left, right or center of the screen
  • Windows key and the up arrow key or down arrow key restores or minimizes a window
  • Windows key plus ‘D’ shows the desktop

Do you know of any Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that some PC users may not know about? Please share them with us by posting it in the comment section below.

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