Top 10 iPhone apps According to Cnet

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top-iphone-apps-10Cnet has posted images of their top 10 iPhone apps recently. It was very interesting to know that I already had ALL of their top 10 apps on my iPhone. Funny how we all agree on the “good” stuff.

The iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets and the thousands of iPhone apps available on iTunes’ app store just adds to the excitement. I have outlined the top 10 iPhone apps in a list below. What are your favorite iPhone apps? Post them in the comments below!

Top 10 iPhone apps:

  1. Angry Birds – One of the most entertaining games to hit the iPhone in my opinion.
  2. ooTunes – Lets you listen to virtually any FM/AM radio station. Pretty much your virtual-pocket ‘satellite’ radio.
  3. Pandora – Pandora’s streaming music service. Lets you log into your own Pandora account to listen to your choice radio station.
  4. Flight Control – A very interactive strategy game where you act as a virtual air traffic controller. Very Entertaining!
  5. – A scaled down version of the real Adobe Photoshop found on your PC and Mac but the best thing is that it is FREE!
  6. Alien Blue – An app for the social news site packed into a compact version on your iPhone.
  7. – A free and relatively large Dictionary for your iPhone.
  8. Facebook – Rather obvious here! Facebook for your iPhone. Functions such as gaming are not allowed.
  9. Evernote – Cloud service that allows you to post and save web clippings such as text, audio or images.
  10. IMDb – The infamous Internet Movie Database at your fingertips. Access the site through a well laid out app on your iPhone. Saves your search history as well.

To view all of Cnet’s top iPhone apps, visit the post here.

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