T-mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance Video goes Viral

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The Royal Wedding is drawing a lot of attention as we get close to the day that Prince William and Kat Middleton join in what is thought to be the most popular union since Prince William’s mother, Princes Dianna, unfortunate death.

I am always a sucker for viral videos even if it turns out to be some type of product placement. There is no denying that this ‘Royal Wedding’ dance video captivates its audience especially since the real Royal Wedding will do the same for those who are fortunate enough to attend. After-all, it has received about 6 million views since its release on April 15, 2011.

This spoof video is rather clever on the part of the T-mobile folks, who are now mostly owned by AT&T. A T-Mobile spokesman told London’s Daily Mail that the video is “a congratulatory message to William and Kate, as well as a way of capturing the nation’s celebratory mood.”

Check it out below and post your comments below!

Popularity: 4%

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