Thousands of Dead BlackBirds and Fish in Arkansas A Conspiracy Theory or Something Serious?

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You may have recently seen on the news were reports have come in stating thousands of dead birds and fish have been discovered near Beebe, Arkansas. Sure their has to be some type of legitimate explanation for this anomaly considering we are talking about literally thousands, over 5,000 to be more specific, birds have turned up dead.

About 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky to their death in over a square mile of land at a small town in Arkansas. There have also been reports of several fish killed near the town of Ozark.

It is almost like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie ‘The Birds’ where it seemed like thousands of birds fell from the sky only this time in the Arkansas incident they did not ‘attack’ anyone, they just died.

The videos below from ABC news and CNN are exclusive reports on this incident and it has left officials and experts scratching their head not from the birds falling out of the sky and hitting them but they have no definitive answer as to what has caused this. Could we be nearing the end of the works as we usher in 2011 headed towards the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012? Is this some type of conspiracy theory or just an isolated event? What is your conclusion?

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