The Apple iPad 2, What Is It Really and Who Buys Them?

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Now that the iPad 2 has gone on sale and people are literally in amazement at the super-thin size and built in cameras, have you decided exactly what it is?

The first iPad literally redefined the power of Apple and how they can introduce a new device that isn’t exactly a replacement or upgrade of any other electronic gadget on the market but yet make people want and “need” it. Just like the MP3 player, Apple pretty much filled a void that people did not know existed with the introduction of the iPod. The new iPad 2 is a thinner, faster and better iPad that can take photos and video. We know exactly what the iPad 2 replaces, the first iPad. So what is the iPad and iPad 2?

Is it a tablet computer, a netbook replacement, an e-reader? It is in a nutshell a hodgepodge of all of these things but more along the lines of something that makes a statement to others. Toting around an iPad or new iPad 2 says something about a person. Does it say they have the money to spend on a device that they really did not need or something that has filled a very small void in their life such as what the iPod did about a decade ago? I can’’ place my finger on it but I will bet you that owners of iPads and the new iPad 2 have owned other Apple devices before and they are not exactly poverty stricken people.

Apple and Steve Jobs are probably sitting back and wondering what all this fuss about an economic downturn is all about. Apple has been literally banking in the past few years surviving what economic experts have said to be the worst economic conditions since the great depression. The Apple iPad and new iPad 2 are just another one of those “insanely successful devices”, which is how Cnet put it in the latest iPad 2 review video below.

Who from 1984 would have dreamed that some type of one-inch thick tablet device have a dual core processor or better yet, a touch screen used as the interface? More more more is the motto of today when America consumes three times as much oil than it produces and a country that is literally infatuated with portable electronic gadgets. I have come to the conclusion that the iPad and iPad 2 can be for virtually anyone. Yes, even those Android fan boys who hate Apple or even the poverty stricken person (that still has food on the table of course) who may end up spending their last dime on something that is cool as the iPad just so they can keep up with the Jones. Yes, the Apple iPad and iPad 2 is just that powerful and has that type of effect on people. I mean really, look at it. Isn’t it just full of awesome?

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