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WiFi Chips Found in Chinese Appliances Distributing Malware

There is an old saying that what someone does not know won’t hurt them. This statement cannot be any farther from the truth when it comes to certain Chinese appliances found to have hidden WiFi chips that distribute malware onto computers that connect to the broadcasted WiFi network of the particular device.

Chinese appliances and electronics are everyone and in recent shipments of small modified appliances coming out of China are apparently appearing primarily in Russia and other places around the world. Some of these modified appliances, ranging from cell phones to dashboard cameras, were outfitted with a WiFi device that is designed to port malware to connected computers.

It was found that the WiFi-equipped devices broadcast an unsecured WiFi network, much like local coffee shops do. This will enable computer users within 200 meters to locate and connect to the device thinking that it is just another means of free WiFi. In such a case the free WiFi is much more than you bargained for as it will serve up spam and push other malware that may potentially control a victim’s system.

It is possible that these malicious WiFi chips could start sniffing other WiFi traffic for usernames and passwords to infiltrate vulnerable systems to collect potential payment processing data. The possibilities of this new scheme could surmount to other computer security issues.

Just think, the next time you are in a hotel your trusty iron could by spying on your computer and you may not even know it. All you wanted to do is connect to the internet through some Free WiFi, the ultimate bargain – or not.

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New York City Gets Free AT&T Wi-Fi

times-square-free-wi-fiIf you are an AT&T customer like me then may already know that their network is overloaded and they really can’t handle the load. Now to help alleviate that issue, AT&T is rolling out free Wi-Fi in New York City.

AT&T will be rolling out a Free Wi-Fi pilot program for their wireless and broadband customers using Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and other enabled devices. This means if you tote an iPhone around Times Square using the AT&T 3G network to access the internet, then you can now utilize NY’s free Wi-Fi instead.

If program offering free Wi-Fi goes well, AT&T may offer this same service to other cities. Just think, no longer will you have to walk into your local Starbucks to get a good internet connection via Wi-Fi.

I am more than certain AT&T is offering this deal as a way to free-up traffic on their network which is probably being beat to death considering how many iPhones and iPads are pulling 3G data on a consistent basis.

The 20,000 or more Wi-Fi hot spots that AT&T already has, helped in offloading some of the traffic which it has offered to its wireless customers.

What do you think? Free Wi-Fi for everyone in every major city across America? Sounds like a plan to me!

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