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Senior Plant Turns Grandparents Into Computer Savvy Tech Wizzes

The folks at the Senior Planet Exploration Center, a technology-themed institute for older adults, are in the business of teaching people who are 60 years old or older how to become tech savvy. Through a free membership, studends at Senior Plant can learn how to use their iPad, computer, internet or just find out how to search for something on Google.

Since opening January 2013, they have taught upwards of 20,000 seniors in almost 15,000 classes. The only requirement for admission is that the student be at least 60 years old.

Senior Planet’s whole goal is to connect Seniors to the technology revolution, which has naturally progressed much faster than those in the senior category could keep up.

Tom Kamber, the founder of Senior Planet and executive director for Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), says the center is the first of its kind. The classes run in 5 or 10 weeks and are completely free. It is said that over half of Americans using the internet are aged 65 and older, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center report.

“Anything that seniors need technology for, they can come here and learn,” Kamber says. “We’re in the middle of an aging revolution. But we’re also in the middle of a technology revolution, and seniors have not yet connected to that.”

Do you think the Senior Plant idea is something that should expand across the globe and how would it benefit you at your current age?

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The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Ever

We stumbled across a time lapse video and thought it would be just another poor attempt for some rookie photographer to capture images over a period of a few hours. After watching the video below we walked away with our jaw dropped. The simply stunning aspects of this video are mind blowing. The earth is truly a marvel and this video represents it in an unforeseen way. The HD quality of this video is amazing also. Major kudos for Vincent for putting this together.

Enjoy it below!

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

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Hilarious Video: Gorilla at Calgary Zoo Shows Us How to Break Dance

A new video has gone viral showcasing a Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo in Canada getting down and dirty with some break dancing. The Gorilla shown in the video below is demonstrating natural behavior the Zoo keepers have witnessed over some time. The 9-year old Gorilla, named Zola, was not taught any of these specialized dance moves, or what some may call ‘break-dancing’.

This is probably one of the most playful and exciting Gorillas you will see. Check him out below breaking it down for us all to see.

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President Obama ‘Death Stare’: Was He Watching the Live-Killing of Osama Bin Laden?

Some have said it was a serious and profound moment when describing the released image of President Obama and White House staff during the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Others are wondering what exactly they were looking at during the precise moment that the image was taken. The CNN video below draws one conclusion that it could have been live images of the Navy Seal Team 6 conducting their mission to take out Bin Laden.

Since the White House has announced that they will NOT release photos of Bin Laden’s body, this is one of the few ‘real’ images that we get to look at for now. All of those conspiracy theory mongers will have to draw their own conclusions which may be defined by President Obama’s serious ‘Death Stare’ in the image below.


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T-mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance Video goes Viral

The Royal Wedding is drawing a lot of attention as we get close to the day that Prince William and Kat Middleton join in what is thought to be the most popular union since Prince William’s mother, Princes Dianna, unfortunate death.

I am always a sucker for viral videos even if it turns out to be some type of product placement. There is no denying that this ‘Royal Wedding’ dance video captivates its audience especially since the real Royal Wedding will do the same for those who are fortunate enough to attend. After-all, it has received about 6 million views since its release on April 15, 2011.

This spoof video is rather clever on the part of the T-mobile folks, who are now mostly owned by AT&T. A T-Mobile spokesman told London’s Daily Mail that the video is “a congratulatory message to William and Kate, as well as a way of capturing the nation’s celebratory mood.”

Check it out below and post your comments below!

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Most Astonishing Car Accident Caught on Video

This is one of those videos that just sticks in your mind after you watch it. This video, if you can stomach it, is one of the most interesting videos you will see for months to come I assure you.

Just as a note, the driver did live to see another day after the accident took place. One question beckons me, why was this guy recording with his camera phone, obviously an iPhone in portrait mode, while driving? That makes me wonder about the legitimacy of the video. It has been confirmed to be REAL via Jalopnik.

What is your take on the car accident video?

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Video: Boy With Near Death Experience Visits Heaven and Sees Jesus

A boy named Colton Burpo from Nebraska, at 4 years old having a near-death experience from a burst appendix, claims he has been to Heaven. This amazing story aired on the Today Show in NBC today and has drawn a lot of attention due to either the curiosity of people wondering about Heaven or those critics who are drawing some skepticism towards this story.

Colton Burpo, now 11, says he has been to Heaven where he saw angels, his great-grandfather and Jesus. The Burpo family wrote a book titled “Heaven Is for Real“, explaining in-depth the experience of Colton during his visit to Heaven which has become a New York Times best seller for nonfiction. Below is the full Today Show interview of the Colton Burpo and his parents.

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Even if you think this is not a real story, it is still something to ponder and really think about. You can almost sit and daydream about what Heaven is really like from this amazing story.

What is your take on the Burpo story?

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Charlie Sheen’s WINNING Recipes Cooking Show Video

It is rather obvious that Charlie Sheen as a few screws loose. Lately he has had almost more media coverage than unfortunate earthquake in Japan. Somehow Sheen, even though fired from his “Two and a Half Men” show, has managed to stay on the TV screen with a “Winning” attitude with Tiger Blood pumping through his veins. One of the latest PR stunts of his is where he makes a mockery out of a cooking show with his very own “WINNING Recipes”.

That video can be a very sad case to some because we know that drug addiction is very hard to cure or you may interpret this to be one of the most hilarious videos. Either way, check it out and come to your own conclusion and post it in the comments below.

WINNING, Funny, or just plan Sad?

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Video: Most Bizarre Tax Deductions

In preparation for doing taxes this season, have you figured out what exactly you can deduct and have any of the items surprised you? Have you have heard of a boob job being tax deductable? What about your guns? If you are a business owner like myself, you may have some new items that you can write-off this year and some others that you cannot such as that new hot tub that you installed behind your “home-office”. In the recent CNN exclusive video below, Allan Chernoff from CNN takes a look at the most bizarre tax deductions.

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Super Bowl Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

In preparation for the infamous Super Bowl commercials, Volkswagen has decided tease everyone with new commercials including the introduction of the new Beetle and the 2012 VW Passat. I am not too much of a car guy but the videos below, especially “The Force”, are excellent entertainment. Volkswagen has seriously pulled out the thinking caps for this one because the Volkswagen Commercial “The Force” is going viral with over 1.4 million views in one day’s time.

If the Super Bowl game somehow turns out to be not-so entertaining, you can always bet your butt that there will be some interesting commercial to keep your attention. Go Commercials!!!

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