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Testing-1-2-3: YouTube Does Live Streaming

YouTube has just announced that it will start testing out a new streaming platform that will allow broadcasters to stream live video.

You have probably been wondering when YouTube would actually get into streaming live since so many other companies not near as big as YouTube have done this for years. YouTube obviously has a big following being the biggest ‘open’ video service on the internet but according to reports, YouTube streaming has been in the works for a long time now.

With any type of video streaming comes the necessary partners involved to make it all work and most importantly, make it all legal. The primary four content partners are Next New Networks, Young Hollywood, Howcast and Rocketboom. The embedded widget below shows you the LIVE streaming schedule starting with a few bits today.

Do you think we are looking at the beginning to replacing cable/satellite TV networks with streaming internet networks? Will YouTube even support such an infrastructure to even begin to talk about replacing anything that we see on TV?

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YouTube Now Has Streaming Movie Rentals

youtube-store-movie-rentals-2Did you know that YouTube has started to offer movie rentals online via their site?

The Google-owned online video service has been contemplating on the idea of offering Sundance films for rental but now after the official roll-out, YouTube is offering a much broader spectrum of movies.

This may rub some elbows with the big-dogs that are already in this arena such as Netflix and iTunes in the near future. The movies are priced between 99 cents and $3.99. Each rental allows you to view the move for up to 48 hours.

Surprisingly, I found that many of the rentals feature newer movies such as The Cove and Oscar winning Precious. Still, you can find original classics to rent like Reservoir Dogs. Even though their collection is nothing near as robust as any other online movie rental service, the potential is there as they add to the database. Only time will tell if this new service catches on. YouTube will have to add some form of high-definition and high quality audio support along with an extensive collection of movies to really compete.

If YouTube offered the same movies as Netflix and iTunes in High-Definition, would you use YouTube instead?

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