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Boost Your PCs Performance with a SSD

ssd-256gb-driveSome time ago we said that SSD Solid State Drives are the Wave of the Future. Sure that may be true but no one really knows when that notion will take effect or when SSDs will actually replace hard disk drives (HDD). In the meantime SSDs are primarily used to significantly boost the performance of computers if you have the extra money to spend.

If you have dished out your life savings to build the ultimate super computer rig then you probably have opted for an SSD or two. If you have not then you may have already explored how a SSD can benefit you.

SSDs are not like spinning hard drives where all of the factors come in to play to get the best performance in an HDD. Hard disk drives you have to look at several specs to get the best bang for your buck such as rotational speed, interface type and cache memory which all factor in to let you know what type of performance you should expect. With new SSDs on the market you will primarily only look at the capacity. The current most popular “affordable” sizes for SSDs are 2.5-inch 64gb, 128gb, 256gb and maybe some 512gb configurations. Unfortunately to replace those 1TB hard drives you have in your current PC with enough SSDs to equal that storage capacity will cost you pretty penny.

Did you know that adding a SSD to just about any computer will increase its performance? The biggest gain in performance using an SSD is to use it for your boot disk or store the operating system on it. That is when you really get a boost in performance. To take that a step further you can upgrade the drive controller that will allow even more throughput than standard SATA controller configurations.

No noise, less heat, less power consumed, no moving parts, and high data transfer rates. That’s all of the major advantages that you get in an SSD when compared to an HDD. Sure SSDs are expensive but do you want to pay for a big boost in performance or not?

Example of current price list for SSDs:


Have you ever experienced the performance gains of an SSD? Have you already made the switch to an SSD. Tell us what configuration you have using an SSD.

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SSD “Solid State Drives” are the Wave of the Future

It may not be any time soon that SSD (Solid State Drives) replace the current hard drives that we are accustomed too but they will be a big part of storage devices that we use in the future.

Solid State Drives offer a few benefits over the traditional magnetic platter hard drives but have some disadvantages that may be eliminated as prices come down. The SSD is almost ready for prime time. The prices are steadily declining and they are the logical choice if we wish to see an drastic performance gains in data storage technology.

Some of the major factors that make solid state drives a better choice over HDD (hard disk drive) are mainly performance, durability and in some cases the size. SSDs have no moving parts and offer the ability to move data much faster than a HDD. Power consumption can be reduced with the use of a SSD especially in the case of a laptop or netbook.


If you were to replace the HDD in most current systems on the market with an SSD you will notice that it improves the over-all performance of the computer and the boot times of virtually any operating system will be cut almost in half. Of course other factors such as the CPU speed and bus speed with have it’s limitations on the performance.

Previous versions of SSDs were known for getting bad press from supposedly losing speed over time or consuming large amounts of energy and even offering limited storage space. Since then, major improvements have been made and many new SSDs use Advanced Wear Management virtually eliminating degrading of performance over time. SSD drives can now be had in capacities of over 256GB to as much as 500GB. Right now price is a major factor in determining of a large capacity SSD is even feasible for most computer users. A 256GB SSD currently runs almost $800.

In today’s market, HDDs are still the no-brainer choice for the majority of computer users especially when you can purchase a 1.5 terabyte drive for just over $100.

Do you use an SSD in any of your computers? Would you adopt SSD technology if the price was right?

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