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Smart Contact Lenses to Trump Google Glass

Google Glass has been a hit for some, but the idea of having to tote or wear some extra device does not jive with a large percentage of the population. As an answer to this high-tech fashion fopa, eyewear startup Innovega has announced a prototype of iOptik lenses at the CES 2014.

The Innovega eyewear system is made up of two parts, glasses and content lenses. The contact lenses are in a way like Google Glass shrunk into a contact lens. Basically, the smart contact lenses allow you to the ability to enhance and focus in on objects your eye cannot define as clearly. With an accompanying set of glasses the company has created, the system displays apps and media much like a full Google Glass experience. Using the glasses with the high-tech contact lenses will enhance your vision even further.

The advantages of the smart contact lenses over Google Glass are its ability to combine a set of glasses for enhancing an image that appears to be like looking at a huge flat-screen TV in high resolution. Google Glass is like looking at the screen of your smart phone to put it into perspective.

The iOptik glasses, the name of the full system combining smart contact lenses and a set of glasses, could ultimately replace your smart phone one day and your prescription glasses/contact lenses. Yes, that is right, it is said that you may fill the smart contact lenses with your desired prescription for your eyes. It is basically a two-fold or three-fold solution system.

This could really work and be the replacement for a few devices you have to carry around on a daily basis – and zoom in on ‘things’ you want to secretly see close up.

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Windows Phone 7 Makes Its Debut in the US: Review Videos

The latest smart phone operating system, Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, has come to America injecting a new set of phones to run with the older big-dogs of the cell phone market.

The last smart-phone operating system to come out of Microsoft was the revolutionary Windows Mobile/Windows CE platform. Although I proved to really shake up the smart phone market, it was nothing fancy to really steal the market. Now Microsoft has learned from others what it takes to have a good looking OS on today’s smart phones and make it work well.

Windows Phone 7 is not an actual smart phone but the software that runs on many new phones such as the new HTC HD7. It would be fair to say that any new smart phone OS has a chance to run on some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced devices we have ever seen.

New Windows Phone 7 offerings from Dell, LG Samsung and HTC are already in the works aside from the introductory smart phones that will introduce it to the Americas. There has already been a full review of the new HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 software as show in the videos below.

Have you had a chance to play around with Windows Phone 7 yet? Is it anything like an iPhone or Android phone? Is it any better? Worse? Is your thought on Windows Phone 7 anything like the video reviews above?

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AT&T and Verizon Smartphones To Compete with Credit Cards

smartphone-act-as-credit-card-1Ever run out of your house and forget your cell phone as if it was your wallet? I have done it many times and now your spartphone may actually act as your wallet in the form of a credit card. That’s right, AT&T and Verizon are geared up to go after credit cards with their smartphones. Basically you can use your cell phone as your credit card with this new technology.

Essentially this type of technology allows your smartphone to act as a credit card simply by waiving it in front of a wireless reader instead of swiping your plastic credit card. Not many details have been released about this technology other than it would likely use a unique radio frequency identification (RFID) tag embedded on the smartphone. The RFID would obviously be associated with the customer’s credit card account.

This technology is actually not new but it will be new to smartphones. There have been other similar methods of using your credit card via a device that uses a unique RFID such as the key chain swipe passes. You may remember them being used to pay for gas at select gas stations across America.

“Attempts from Visa and MasterCard so far have not been integrated at all with mobile devices,” said Dan Hays, a partner at consulting firm PRTM. “This goes way beyond a sticker on the back of a phone.”

Video: Traditional Credit Card plugin for smartphones or iPad

If this new idea and marriage of the smartphone and credit card actually “works”, then we could see a very successful business venture that changes the way companies conduct transactions. Just think, your iPhone or latest Droid phone acts as your credit card and then possibly in the future it is your ID card too. You can now leave your wallet at home and feel good about it.

Would you adopt this new system if it becomes available or do you think it is too risky or they are asking for problems?

Source: CNN Money

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Video: Windows Phone 7 Preview

windows-phone-7-previewBelieve it or not, there are some techie geeks out there that are waiting to get their hands on a new smart phone sporting the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It has been about 2 years since the development of the Windows Phone 7 first started and now we can actually see the final product come to life.

Remember those old Windows mobile phones. Some of them were nicely packaged with a big ol brick-of-a-smart-phone about 3 or 4 years ago. That was the most innovative smart phone aside from the blackberry on the market. I know I went crazy over them. Now days the game has changes and mostly in part due to the infamous Apple iPhone and even the new Droid phones. Microsoft had to get something really kick-ass to fill the gaps and be a competitor and I think they have found that in the new Windows Phone 7.

Some experts think that the good old brand loyalty will have a big part in Windows Phone 7 and possibly carry over from Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system for the PC. On the other hand, many think just the opposite and say Windows Phone 7 is a day late and literally a dollar short of the competition. I think they are right about them arriving at the game late but they still came to play ball.

Microsoft has been dying to slip into the pockets of the mainstream modern age. Offering Windows Phone 7 for some of the top-notch smart phone hardware devices on the market is not a bad idea. Windows Phone 7 could be promising in offering another alternative to iPhone’s iOS, Android and even Blackberry. Engadget posted a great preview of Windows Phone 7 demonstrated in the video below. Like any other smart phone, you will have to get your own palms on it to draw your own real conclusion about the device. It makes me think of the Zune with a hint of Windows 7 in your pocket. That can�t be all that bad can it?

Check it out!

Will you give Windows Phone 7 a chance or keep your eyes set on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry?

Source: Engadget

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Smartphone Smackdown: Apple iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO 4G vs. Droid Incredible

smart-phone-smack-down-2Which smartphone would you choose? The newly announced Apple iPhone 4, the almost-sold-out HTC EVO 4G or the Droid Incredible?

During the WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) yesterday Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone 4. Many of us had already seen what the phone looked like and we knew a few features to expect in the revolutionary device from Apple. With the glamour and feature packed package you get in the iPhone 4 aside, is the new HTC EVO 4G phone better than the iPhone or perhaps you would consider buying the Droid Incredible?

Techie news blogs and other gadget sites are already comparing the two. Mashable has an exclusive Smartphone Faceoff of the two with the poll almost dead even. With the iPhone 4 still going to exclusively remain on the AT&T network for now, it may diminish the luster and love that the iPhone 4 had when we first saw the spy photos.

Below is a comparison chart that Mashable posted as part of the smartphone showdown including the HTC Evo, iPhone 4 and the Droid Incredible. Check it out below and come to your own conclusion as far as which smartphone is superior.


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