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Apollo 11 Launch Video at 500 Frames per Second

I am a sucker for space exploration and all things that happen at NASA including this video that I have posted of the Apollo 11 Launch at 500 frames per second.

Below is a video posted on Vimeo today of the Saturn 5 rocket that launched the first humans to land on the moon back in 1969. For the year 1969 that video is simply amazing showing fine details of the 5 rocket engines propelling one of the biggest rockets ever made. This is technology at its best in 1969! Just think of the processing power on the Space Shuttle today. I wonder if they are using any new Core i7 chips on the shuttle?

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

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Highest Resolution Earth Photos Released by NASA

I am a sucker for anything that goes on at NASA even if it just a photograph from outer space.

The highest resolution and most accurate color image of the Earth has been released by NASA at an astonishing 2048×2048 pixels. At that resolution you could use it as a wallpaper background on virtually any size monitor but it may require some editing or cropping.

I found these images via a twitter post by NASA. I highly recommend that you follow NASA and Deranged Geek on Twitter for live updates on more interesting posts like this one.



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