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Video: Twilight For Guys (mild NSFW)

Is it just me or is the Twilight Saga movies including the latest ‘Eclipse’, geared more for females than guys? Don’t get me wrong here but I enjoyed all three of the Twilight movies including ‘Eclipse’. You have all of the studly vampires with chiseled bodies but it does not leave much for guys unless you really like that type of thing. There is a new Twilight parody that is the ultimate version of Twilight for guys. Not only do they have a better ratio of females, but they are rather explicit in nature.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised as the video is somewhat NSFW.

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Is Film Criticism Being Killed by Social Media?

film-critic-roger-ebertWhen was the last time that you went and saw a movie based on a movie critics rave reviews? Was the movie that you saw what you expected due to the critics review? For that matter, when was the last time that a movie you saw was the total opposite of what a movie critic said about it?

Today we have a new audience, one that feeds off of social media thus turning everyone into a critic. When a movie hits the big screen you can be rest assured that there are both sides of the spectrum in terms of reviews of that movie on a social media website. But who do you really believe?

Critics for years have made a name by being critical of the best films out there. Normal Joes like me and you have drawn our own conclusions after we actually saw a movie. Now days we can take our opinion to the social media site and someone out their will believe us. But the same old question arises. Are the critics being killed by social media?

Of course some critics have their favorites and in general we all have our favorites. But what about when that new revolutionary film comes out in 3D? Where do we draw the baseline? Do we get it from social media or a critic that we have listened to for years? Who put the wrench into Avatar not getting an Oscar for the best film this year? It wasn’t me.

Many have said that critics must adapt or die. They must start blogging and Facebooking and even Tweeting their opinions on movies and not use old traditional ways for giving the world their opinion on the latest film. Sure, everyone can become a part of the social media world but that does not mean they are right. Right?

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YouTube Now Has Streaming Movie Rentals

youtube-store-movie-rentals-2Did you know that YouTube has started to offer movie rentals online via their site?

The Google-owned online video service has been contemplating on the idea of offering Sundance films for rental but now after the official roll-out, YouTube is offering a much broader spectrum of movies.

This may rub some elbows with the big-dogs that are already in this arena such as Netflix and iTunes in the near future. The movies are priced between 99 cents and $3.99. Each rental allows you to view the move for up to 48 hours.

Surprisingly, I found that many of the rentals feature newer movies such as The Cove and Oscar winning Precious. Still, you can find original classics to rent like Reservoir Dogs. Even though their collection is nothing near as robust as any other online movie rental service, the potential is there as they add to the database. Only time will tell if this new service catches on. YouTube will have to add some form of high-definition and high quality audio support along with an extensive collection of movies to really compete.

If YouTube offered the same movies as Netflix and iTunes in High-Definition, would you use YouTube instead?

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