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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Getting Day-to-Day Things Done

remember-the-milk-iphone-appThe iPhone serves as the main device of usage in many people’s lives now days. Not only can it make and receive phone calls but there is a library of thousands of apps that can make your day-to-day life much easier and more organized. Here is a list of the top 5 iPhone apps for getting day-to-day things done.

#1 iPhone app for getting day-to-day things done: Remember the Milk

Seems like a simple thing to remember the milk on your way home from work but this app called “Remember the Milk” is actually a task list app that allows you to make a simple to-do list of things and mark them off as they are completed. It is much more than a to-do list in the since that it actually follows you everywhere you go such as in your email, SMS, web surfing, etc. This is one of the best task managers for the iPhone. The downside of the app is that it requires a $25 a year fee if you want to subscribe online and sync your task list online and use its pro features listed on its website: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/services/iphone/features/

#2 iPhone app for getting day-to-day things done: Simplenote

Simplenote is a note taking app that allows you to take notes by capturing images, voice and text. The way it handles note taking makes your life that much easier. With Simplenote you can sync with your computer and use tags, pins and share items on your list. Why do I like this one over other note takers? Because it just works great and does not limit my note taking when something comes to my mind.

#3 iPhone app for getting day-to-day things done: Chrome to iPhone

Chrome to iPhone is more of a bookmark that you save to your home screen. It works with a simple Chrome browser extension letting you send links directly to your phone to open in Mobile Safari. If you ever run across an interesting link you can simply send it to your device instantly without all the fuss of copying and pasting.

#4 iPhone app for getting day-to-day things done: Dragon Dictation

It has been a long wait for many iPhone users to get some type of voice recognition to compete with Android devices and the answer is here in the form of the Dragon Dictation voice recognition app. Dragon Dictation allows you to basically take notes by speaking. The app is a standalone app so it does not allow you to dictate to other apps, however, it is a very handy way of taking notes and avoiding hassling with the on-screen keyboard for a change.

#5 iPhone app for getting day-to-day things done: Dropbox

Dropbox is a great file syncing app for the iPhone. It gives you access to important files that you can actually store on your iPhone. Just think, those important documents on your computer’s hard drive that is on its last leg can now be synced to your iPhone for safe keeping.

Do you use your iPhone everyday? If so, then what iPhone app do you use to help you with your daily tasks in life?

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Apple Opens ‘Try Before You Buy’ iPhone Apps Store Section

Have you ever downloaded one of those trial programs for your computer and ended up deleting it because it was garbage? What about a trial application that was so good that you ended up purchasing it? Apple has now joined the rankings of offering trial apps for the iPhone.


Many of the applications for iPhone in the iTunes app store that have a free version that offers a paid-for version with more features or functionality, are now offered in the new “Try before you buy” section of the app store. This new addition could be what some think is a ploy or maybe it is designed to deter app pirates. Either way, it will be interesting to see how successful this turns out to be.

The app store has virtually turned into a full fledged application bar that we use to see on hundreds of websites for PC software.

What do you think about the try before you buy idea? Would be keep you from wasting money on “worthless” apps? Or will it waste your time by forcing you to download a watered down version of what could be a great app for your iPhone?

Source: techcrunch

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Top 10 iPhone apps According to Cnet

top-iphone-apps-10Cnet has posted images of their top 10 iPhone apps recently. It was very interesting to know that I already had ALL of their top 10 apps on my iPhone. Funny how we all agree on the “good” stuff.

The iPhone is one of the hottest gadgets and the thousands of iPhone apps available on iTunes’ app store just adds to the excitement. I have outlined the top 10 iPhone apps in a list below. What are your favorite iPhone apps? Post them in the comments below!

Top 10 iPhone apps:

  1. Angry Birds – One of the most entertaining games to hit the iPhone in my opinion.
  2. ooTunes – Lets you listen to virtually any FM/AM radio station. Pretty much your virtual-pocket ‘satellite’ radio.
  3. Pandora – Pandora’s streaming music service. Lets you log into your own Pandora account to listen to your choice radio station.
  4. Flight Control – A very interactive strategy game where you act as a virtual air traffic controller. Very Entertaining!
  5. Photoshop.com – A scaled down version of the real Adobe Photoshop found on your PC and Mac but the best thing is that it is FREE!
  6. Alien Blue – An app for the social news site Reddit.com packed into a compact version on your iPhone.
  7. Dictionary.com – A free and relatively large Dictionary for your iPhone.
  8. Facebook – Rather obvious here! Facebook for your iPhone. Functions such as gaming are not allowed.
  9. Evernote – Cloud service that allows you to post and save web clippings such as text, audio or images.
  10. IMDb – The infamous Internet Movie Database at your fingertips. Access the site through a well laid out app on your iPhone. Saves your search history as well.

To view all of Cnet’s top iPhone apps, visit the post here.

Popularity: 7%