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Verizon Lands on iPhone 4 – Will AT&T Customers Jump Ship?


One of the big questions surrounding the release of the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network is will AT&T customers start jumping ship? When I say jump ship I mean current AT&T customers will be moving their cellular service to Verizon.

Some experts speculate that as much as 20% of AT&T customers will either contemplate moving to Verizon or will actually make the move. That figure seems a bit high and really makes AT&T look like a bad company at least for those who have an iPhone (any version) on their network.

The chart below clears up any features or price difference questions that some people may have had. After looking at the chart it does not really make for a big deal breaker in terms of initial service the quality of service may be the big deciding factor here. Maybe the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature that Verizon is offering will bring some value to the Verizon iPhone 4.

Image credit: Cnet

In large metro areas such as San Francisco and New York many iPhone 4 customers have complained about dropped calls. And let’s not forget the big Antenagate ordeal where the iPhone 4 reportedly had issues with reception when the external antenna is touched in a certain spot. I got my free iPhone 4 case when it was offered, did you?

What do you think the decision to stay with AT&T with your current iPhone or make the move to Verizon will be? What about those customers who are happy with Verizon… will they replace their Android powered phone with a new Verizon iPhone 4?

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Future of the Cell Phone: What’s Next?

So you have looked at your iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S running Android or Blackberry Torch and you wonder, what the cell phone makers could conjure up next. What will the future hold for new phones?

No one really knows what will be next for cell phones. Interestingly enough, there have been several futuristic concept phone designs floating around the internet for some time even before the days of the current iPhone. New innovation would seem almost impossible for cell phone makers to some people and to others new innovation has a long ways to go. Below are videos of futuristic phone design concepts that we can all daydream over as to what will take fruition to being the newest and hottest cell phone on the market. Will Apple create a new iPhone 5 that displays holograms? Will blackberry revolutionize how we read email on the go? Will Nokia have the sleekest looking phone ever? Check out the design videos below and come to your own conclusion.

REVIVE smartphone diagnostics from Kinneir Dufort on Vimeo.

iphone 5 concept – futuristic hologram projector from WaterWorks / Christopher East on Vimeo.

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Video: First iPhone 4 ‘Jailbreak’ (JailbreakMe) Posted by Hacker

jailbreakme-appJailbreaking iPhones is nothing new but now that the U.S. Government has said that iPhone owners are allowed to ‘jailbreak’ their phones, it gives hackers an open field to do what they do best. Recently a well-known hacker has posted the very first jailbroken iPhone 4 online. You knew it was coming regardless of what the courts had to say about jailbreaking.

The hack for jailbreaking your iPhone 4 is now available at jailbreakme.com. From their, an application is installed (Cydia) that lets iPhone 4 owners and others purchase apps from other stores to run unlicensed or unapproved by Apple apps. That opens up the iPhone to all types of content. You thought the Apple App store had a lot of apps, wait until you see what developers, who do not have to go through Apple’s strict approval process, come out with now. I am sure AT&T will start seeing some traffic increases on the iPhone 4 now that people will be tethering them behind AT&T’s back via apps designed to run on jailbroken iPhones. Not to mention, new apps that utilize the front-facing camera to perform video chats over 3G.

Below is a video from CNN showing how just what jailbreaking does for your iPhone 4.

If you are an iPhone 4 owner, will you jailbreak it? Have you already done it?

Video instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4

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Video: Apple iPhone 4 Animated Star-Wars-Style Parody – Gizmodo Style

After Apple’s conference on Friday where Steve Jobs and his cronies announced that they would offer free bumpers and cases to iPhone 4 users, a new Chinese iPhone 4 Saga Animated in Star Wars-Style video appears on Youtube.

The video demonstrates an evil Steve Jobs (Darth Vader) who uses his mincing powers to basically give everyone a band-aid to fix the infamous iPhone 4 antenna issue. I thought the video is very clever and funny at times. It even includes animated footage of Jobs breaking into Jason Chen’s house from Gizmodo.

Do you plan on getting a free case from Apple for your iPhone 4? Are you upset or happy with their “solution” to “Antennagate”?

Source: Gizmodo

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“Put Some Duct Tape On It” Will Apple Recall iPhone 4 For Antenna Issue?

The news stories are buzzing in full force about Apple and if they will actually issue a recall on the iPhone 4 due to reception issues or what some say, an antenna design flaw. Maybe Beyonce should make a new song called ‘Put some duct tape on it’ (instead of ‘Put a ring on it’) for all of the new iPhone 4 users!

Sure, I was one of the suckers who laid down $200 for the latest and greatest to come out of Cupertino, CA last month. Lately I have started to regret my purchase but I am going to patiently wait this one out and see what Apple has to say about Consumer Reports’ latest findings and non-recommendation of the iPhone 4. Basically Consumer Reports, the company that we have trusted for decades in testing and recommended “good” products, has said, “Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

The video above makes you want to cry right? Well, maybe not if you are one of the lucky few that are still able to avoid any dropped called because you choose to hold the iPhone 4 near the infamous break/line between two of the wrap-around antennas.

iphone-4-duct-tapeI know one thing, I AM NOT buying a rubber bumper to put around my iPhone 4. I want to leave it naked so the world can ogle at its beauty. Then again, the bumper makes you wonder if Apple already knew of this issue early on.

If you have visited the Apple support forums lately you will notice that anything related to negative iPhone 4 PR or words describing anything remotely close to the “antenna issues” are being deleted. That’s right; anything negative about the iPhone 4′s issues is being removed from the forum by Apple.

So will Apple recall this iPhone 4? If you remember a little time after the original iPhone came out in 2007, Steve Jobs apologized for lowering the price on the next set of iPhones and then offered consumers of the very first batch of iPhones a $100 gift. The iPhone 4 could cost Apple even more considering they sold over 1.7 million over the release weekend.

I still have my old iPhone 3GS. It looks pretty nice right about now due to my numerous dropped calls on my new iPhone 4.

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iPhone 4 Reception Issue Fixed in New iPhone 5: Don’t Hold It By The Antenna!

Stop the press! I have officially found a fix to the iPhone 4 reception issues even for those who hold it ‘gorilla grip’ style! Here it is, the new iPhone 5 prototype featuring the BEST reception ever from the integrated external antenna. Guaranteed to have the best reception EVER provided you do not hold it by the antenna. Hold it any other way you want!


Hope you got a laugh out of the image. I first noticed it on Gizmodo via a Flicker photo stream.

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Top 20 iOS4 and iPhone 4 Tricks and Tips

iphone-4-ios4-screen-orientation-lockThe guys at Techradar.com posted an excellent list of what I consider to be the top 20 iOS4 and iPhone 4 tips and tricks. A few of these functions I did not know existed. I realize that good ol Steve Jobs announced that there would be about 150 new features offered with the iPhone 4. Not to mention users of older iPhones such as the iPhone 3GS running iOS4 will get many of these features as well.

Some of the best tips in techradar.com’s list include the ability to lock the screen orientation, watching live TV via TVCatchup and turning on SMS Character Count. I found these three tips and trick to be most helpful for me. The reception tip is something I attempted to do but I saw no difference in using Apple’s $30 bumper case/protector. Still waiting for that so-called antenna fix Apple!

After looking at techradar.com’s list of 20 iOS4 and iPhone 4 Tricks and Tips take the time to post which one is your favorite below in the comments section.

Top 20 iOS4 and iPhone 4 Tricks and Tips via Techradar.com

  1. Lock the screen orientation
  2. Tap to focus/zoom in Camera
  3. Multitasking: update your apps
  4. Switch to UK English
  5. Multitasking: kill a running app
  6. Add an accent on the e and a key
  7. Turn caps lock on
  8. Camera: take a picture of yourself
  9. Camera: email a video of yourself talking
  10. Make and rename folders
  11. Make a FaceTime call
  12. Hide Caller ID
  13. Restrict features
  14. Delete a text from the text history
  15. Watch live TV on your iPhone
  16. iMovie and photos
  17. Show PDFs
  18. Get better reception
  19. Turn on SMS character count
  20. Search more with Spotlight

View the expanded 20 iOS4 and iPhone 4 Tricks and Tips here on Techradar.com

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Hilarious Video: Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

If you have ever seen the Epic video parodies of Hitler reacting to certain ‘popular’ things using subtitles, then you would automatically expect them to make one of him reacting negatively to the iPhone 4 reception/antenna issues. As expected, here is yet another epic subtitled edition of Hitler reacting to the iPhone 4 issues.

Please note: Some of the subtitles are slightly NSFW.

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Apple and AT&T Hit With iPhone 4 Class-Action Lawsuit

iphone-4-dont-hold-by-antennasUnless you are hiding under a rock you have probably heard about the many complaints about the iPhone 4′s reception issues when held a certain way. Many tech blogs and new iPhone 4 consumers have posted YouTube videos demonstrating what happens when the iPhone 4 is cupped or held a certain way. Basically, the iPhone 4 has an apparent flaw in the use of the outer metal band as the antenna.

Even my good partner on DerangedGeek has experienced the issue with his new iPhone 4. Now Apple and AT&T are facing a class-action lawsuit accusing Apple of defect in design. The lawsuit against both Apple and AT&T was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland by Ward & Ward, PLLC and Charles A. Gilman, LLC. on behalf of Kevin McCaffrey, Linda Wrinn and a number of other iPhone 4 owners.

Details of the lawsuit is basically an accusation blaming Apple of Defect in Design, Manufacture and Assembly, as well as Breach of Express Warranty. The part against AT&T and Apple is a claim of General Negligence, Deceptive Trade Practices, Intentional Misrepresentation, Negligent Misrepresentation and Fraud by Concealment.

Think of it as you may, this is rather a very complex situation and many people think it is not warranted. As the complaints of the new iPhone 4 roll in about reception issues or dropped calls we may see even more of these lawsuits join the rankings.

Do you think these lawsuits are warranted? Do you think Steve Job’s response (your holding it wrong/don’t hold the iPhone 4 that way) was out of place and purchasing the $29 rubber bumper is NOT a feasible solution in any shape or form?

Remember, don’t hold the iPhone 4 by the antennas because Steve Jobs OWNS you! Sure!

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Videos: My New iPhone 4 Drops Calls When Held With My Left Hand

Okay, I am one of the suckers who decided to buy a new iPhone 4. I wanted to get the white but as you heard, the white ones won’t be out for another month or so. My iPhone 4 came in the mail via FedEx and I interestingly enough had no issues what-so-ever syncing it up with iTunes and restoring the information from my iPhone 3G. It worked like a charm.

After that I attempted to make a few phone calls and all worked great up until my 4th call to my Uncle who happens to hate Apple and all things “i”. I talked on the phone with him for about one minute and then my call dropped. I thought nothing of it and called him back while blaming the dropped call on his blackberry. Into the second call with him it was about one minute and 30 seconds into the call and the call dropped again. Okay, now I am getting a bit concerned. For one minute I thought the government may have been listening in on my conversation because we were discussing General McChrystal and the President. Silly me for thinking that way but it is happened to other people.

So, I go on to make a 3rd call and what do you know, after 50 seconds it dropped the call again! So I go onto Google and see if others had the same issue. To my surprise there are several. There are even videos of people demonstrating what exactly is happening.


I have sweaty palms and all the while I was holding the iPhone up to my ear I had it snug in my left palm with my fingers wrapped around it trying to see if it was generating any heat (I know I am a little anal sometimes). Little did I know that I would discover how the iPhone 4 seems to have an issue with the ‘wrap-around’ antennas and cause some sort of interference when they all contact your hand at the same time. Major fail on Apples part if this is actually an issue or design over-sight.

Of course on my 4th call I used the speakerphone and finished my conversation with my Uncle all the while he was laughing at my iPhone 4 dropping calls. The iPhone 4 worked flawlessly on speakerphone but I am still a big concerned.

Below are several videos that I have found demonstrating this same issue.

Has this happened to you?? I wonder if those ‘bumper’ covers that Apple offers in different colors is their quick and easy solution to this?

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