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The Full Story (preview) of Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One In 1 Video

They guys at UnboxTherapy take a different approach to comparing and slightly reviewing the all-new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One entertainment systems. The long wait is just about over as people from all walks of life in America take up their $500 or $600-plus to lay down on the latest and greatest video gaming systems to rock planet earth.

From all of the speculations, complaints and previews of the new systems, Unbox Therapy gives us all 17 full minutes of hard-core in-depth information and details of the new gaming systems. Which one comes out on top in their opinion? It all comes down to arrogance in their outwardly opinion possibly against Microsoft. So, they pick the PlayStation 4 because it is just better. Yeah, that may be what you get out of it but we see much more. Check out the full “story” below on the video.

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Hilarious Video: Gorilla at Calgary Zoo Shows Us How to Break Dance

A new video has gone viral showcasing a Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo in Canada getting down and dirty with some break dancing. The Gorilla shown in the video below is demonstrating natural behavior the Zoo keepers have witnessed over some time. The 9-year old Gorilla, named Zola, was not taught any of these specialized dance moves, or what some may call ‘break-dancing’.

This is probably one of the most playful and exciting Gorillas you will see. Check him out below breaking it down for us all to see.

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Charlie Sheen’s WINNING Recipes Cooking Show Video

It is rather obvious that Charlie Sheen as a few screws loose. Lately he has had almost more media coverage than unfortunate earthquake in Japan. Somehow Sheen, even though fired from his “Two and a Half Men” show, has managed to stay on the TV screen with a “Winning” attitude with Tiger Blood pumping through his veins. One of the latest PR stunts of his is where he makes a mockery out of a cooking show with his very own “WINNING Recipes”.

That video can be a very sad case to some because we know that drug addiction is very hard to cure or you may interpret this to be one of the most hilarious videos. Either way, check it out and come to your own conclusion and post it in the comments below.

WINNING, Funny, or just plan Sad?

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Super Bowl Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

In preparation for the infamous Super Bowl commercials, Volkswagen has decided tease everyone with new commercials including the introduction of the new Beetle and the 2012 VW Passat. I am not too much of a car guy but the videos below, especially “The Force”, are excellent entertainment. Volkswagen has seriously pulled out the thinking caps for this one because the Volkswagen Commercial “The Force” is going viral with over 1.4 million views in one day’s time.

If the Super Bowl game somehow turns out to be not-so entertaining, you can always bet your butt that there will be some interesting commercial to keep your attention. Go Commercials!!!

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Video: The Scariest Job Ever – Worker Scaling 1,700 Feet Antenna Tower

Could you ever imagine a job as simple as fixing an antenna? But what if that job entails climbing over 1,700 feet into the air?

To first put things into perspective when it comes to height, the Empire State Building in New York is 1,453 feet tall. The Building (Chicago’s Willis Tower) formally known as the Sears Tower, which was once the tallest building in the world, is 1,730 feet tall. The video below demonstrating an average day at work for this guy who has to repair a Guided Tower Antenna is 1,768 feet tall. He gets to ride an elevator most of the way up but still has to manually climb the last few hundred feet.

Now imagine climbing onto a tower that is over 1,700 feet into the air without a safety net and a temporary safety harness that you only hook to the tower when you are resting. I sure hope he has a parachute just in case.

Check out the video below of this guy’s helmet camera who climbs his “Stairway to Heaven”.

How much would it take for you to climb such a tall object? $500? $10,000? How about a cool $1 Million? I just hope this guy is getting ‘well compensated’ for his amazing efforts. I guess if it were not for people like this guy, then we would not have working iPhones, Blackberries, iPads and other general wireless communications.

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Right In The Kisser: Amazing Race Watermelon Launch Video

In our world of ‘Extreme’, people tend to do things in an attempt to beg for attention. Whether the begging is legitimate remains to be seen. Have you seen the latest on ‘The Amazing Race’ during the Watermelon Launch? If not, then you should check this out as one of the racers gets a watermelon catapulted into her face.

I wonder what that felt like? I am lucky enough to not know. It probably feels a little short of getting hit with an airbag only the airbag does but bust all over my face. After-all, this lady could not feel her face after the incident.

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The Most Hilarious Gadget Unboxing Videos

During my daily perusing of my favorite sites, I stumbled across some of the funniest unboxing videos ever first. To be honest, I never really got all excited over the unboxing of the latest and greatest gadget. Really, what is the big deal about seeing some geek tear through the packaging of a new iPhone 4 or a Macbook. I really could care less how other geeks open up their box and setup their own new gadget.

The 5 videos that are currently being labeled as ’5 Hilarious Gadget Uboxing Videos’ are downright funny! They could have done without the ping-pong one but you will get a kick out of the others I guarantee it!

When do you ever remember unboxing an electronic gadget being this funny?

BONUS Unboxing video:

Source: Mashable

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