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BMW Reveals ActiveAssist Features at CES 2014 – Can Drive and Drift Your Car Autonomously

At the CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show) automotive manufacturers have unleashed many new forward-thinking tech, some of which will drive the car for you and even perform flawless drifts.

BMW has always been a company to introduce new tech in their cars that takes driving comfort, style and safety to new levels. In their new ActiveAssist features and systems they do just that. New BMW cars with new ActiveAssist features will be able to virtually drive the vehicle on its own in certain conditions and even prevent accidents such as in the case of approaching an object too fast or simply when the driver is not paying attention.

The video below is a quick synopsis of these technologies put into action, including the drift that BMW’s new systems can perform in the all-new BMW M235i.

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WiFi Chips Found in Chinese Appliances Distributing Malware

There is an old saying that what someone does not know won’t hurt them. This statement cannot be any farther from the truth when it comes to certain Chinese appliances found to have hidden WiFi chips that distribute malware onto computers that connect to the broadcasted WiFi network of the particular device.

Chinese appliances and electronics are everyone and in recent shipments of small modified appliances coming out of China are apparently appearing primarily in Russia and other places around the world. Some of these modified appliances, ranging from cell phones to dashboard cameras, were outfitted with a WiFi device that is designed to port malware to connected computers.

It was found that the WiFi-equipped devices broadcast an unsecured WiFi network, much like local coffee shops do. This will enable computer users within 200 meters to locate and connect to the device thinking that it is just another means of free WiFi. In such a case the free WiFi is much more than you bargained for as it will serve up spam and push other malware that may potentially control a victim’s system.

It is possible that these malicious WiFi chips could start sniffing other WiFi traffic for usernames and passwords to infiltrate vulnerable systems to collect potential payment processing data. The possibilities of this new scheme could surmount to other computer security issues.

Just think, the next time you are in a hotel your trusty iron could by spying on your computer and you may not even know it. All you wanted to do is connect to the internet through some Free WiFi, the ultimate bargain – or not.

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Techie Speculations for 2011 and CES 2011 Preview

apple-ipadWhat will the year 2011 bring in terms of tech and technological advances in our lives? No one really knows with a 100% certainty and that in itself is a 100% certain thing! In order to clearly see into the future of the year 2011 we have to look back into the year 2010 and wait for the upcoming CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show of 2011).

In the year 2010 we saw Apple release their first tablet in the form of the Apple iPad and they even released a new iPhone 4 with a revolutionary ‘retna display’. Microsoft put themselves back into the mobile device game with Windows Phone 7 while Android managed to steal some of the thunder away from the Apple iPhone. Blu-ray disc sales volume has gone up while Netflix streaming members has also. Social media is chugging along with over 500 million Facebook members and no competition in sight. 3D HDTVs are attempting to be a big hit among those with the monetary means. The new Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf aim to change the way we consume massive amounts of gasoline each year. Each of these stated technologies, at one point and time, had its fair share of doubters but they all seemed to prevail.

Now on with 2011 and we have 2nd generation products speculated to be introduced in the coming months such as the Apple iPad 2. 2011 is not such a mystery after all because we already know that these tech items are going to be naturally upgraded in some fashion. If 2010 taught us anything about the advancements of technology it is we cannot put anything in stone based off of some rumor although many of the techie rumors of 2010 proved to be very accurate. So now let today’s rumors shape tomorrows dreams. Start saving your money now because from what I hear (another rumor), 2011 will bring us some of the most advanced and revolutionary tech devices and software we have ever seen.


Check out Cnet’s CES 2011 preview video below.

Stay tuned for our update during the CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show of 2011) which is set to kick off January 6, 2011. This should give us a clear indication as to what specific tech devices we will see throughout year 2011. Happy New Year!!!

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How Far have Consumer Electronics Come in the Past 40 Years?

A new timeline of consumer electronics from the year 1972 to 2010 has been created to ogle, not Google, at how far we have come in the past 40 years in technological advancements making marks in history. Below is an image representation of popular devices that range from personal computers and the Sony Walkman to the DVD disc and iPod. The 2010 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) makes some of us think back to when we did not have the cellular phone, compact disc and even the Nintendo.

The image shown below is a clear representation of how far we have come in technology and consumer devices that have shaped our lives in the past 40 years one way or another. What would you do or where would you be without your iPod or for that matter, the personal computer?

Consumer Electronics Timeline
[image credit: Permuto]

Consumer Electronics Timeline (Click for Large Image)

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