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Apple Opens ‘Try Before You Buy’ iPhone Apps Store Section

Have you ever downloaded one of those trial programs for your computer and ended up deleting it because it was garbage? What about a trial application that was so good that you ended up purchasing it? Apple has now joined the rankings of offering trial apps for the iPhone.


Many of the applications for iPhone in the iTunes app store that have a free version that offers a paid-for version with more features or functionality, are now offered in the new “Try before you buy” section of the app store. This new addition could be what some think is a ploy or maybe it is designed to deter app pirates. Either way, it will be interesting to see how successful this turns out to be.

The app store has virtually turned into a full fledged application bar that we use to see on hundreds of websites for PC software.

What do you think about the try before you buy idea? Would be keep you from wasting money on “worthless” apps? Or will it waste your time by forcing you to download a watered down version of what could be a great app for your iPhone?

Source: techcrunch

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Top 5 Android Apps for Staying Healthy and Fit

Everyone talks about how great iPhone apps are and how plentiful they are especially when you want to find that perfect app to help you get fit for the summer time but what about those health nuts that have an Android phone? Here are a few of the top Android apps for health and Fitness for those who want to do anything as simple as count calories or do something as complex as measure the distance of your running.

Coming in at number 5 is Beer Gut Fitness. It sells for only .99 cents and it is more geared for those health conscious beer drinkers if there really are those type of people out there. This is a very cleaver app as it rewards you with an availability of what drinks you can consume within a certain calorie limit. When you want to exercise, it shows you what kinds of exercise you can do and for the exact time.

Our 4th ranked Android fitness app is Calorie Counter by FatSecret. It is no secret that you are probably fat just like me so why not be proud of who you are and start counting calories first by looking at those complex nutrition facts labels. This app actually takes the guessing work out of those labels by calculating the recommended daily intake for a user to achieve a certain fitness level or weight goal. What is even really cool about this app is it lets you scan the barcode to make finding food easy and the app is free.

The 3rd place Android fitness app is Endomondo Sports Tracker. This is a fitness app that is more for the walkers, joggers, runners and even rollerbladers. This app keeps track of your speed, distance, altitude and it keeps a history of your previous workouts. It uses Google Maps for mapping and recording your routes but best of all, this app is FREE!

In at 2nd place is the app called Fast Food Calorie Counter. This app sells for $1.99 but it is well worth it due to the extensive database of calorie content for major chain fast food restaurants. When you are on the run, and you literally should be, you can quickly access Fast Food Calorie Counter and find out if that heart-attack burger you are eating will really kill you or not. It gives you details of over 9,000 menu items from 72 fast food restaurants. The data includes fiber, protein, fat grams, calories and carbs. There is a free lite version of this app with less features but we suggest opting for the full version.

Our number one fitness and health app for Android is CardioTrainer + Racing. This is like a personal trainer in your pocket only the trainer looks more like “DROID” than your favorite supermodel. What makes this app stand alone from others is its motivational challenges. These challenges attempt to motivate you by having you beat an old time such as during running exercises. This app is all about burning the calories and it will tell you that while counting every single step that you make. This app sells for $2.99 and is worth every penny if you consider how much a real personal trainer costs and they won’t be able to tell you how many steps you took or how many calories you burned.

source: Mashable

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