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Techie Speculations for 2011 and CES 2011 Preview

apple-ipadWhat will the year 2011 bring in terms of tech and technological advances in our lives? No one really knows with a 100% certainty and that in itself is a 100% certain thing! In order to clearly see into the future of the year 2011 we have to look back into the year 2010 and wait for the upcoming CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show of 2011).

In the year 2010 we saw Apple release their first tablet in the form of the Apple iPad and they even released a new iPhone 4 with a revolutionary ‘retna display’. Microsoft put themselves back into the mobile device game with Windows Phone 7 while Android managed to steal some of the thunder away from the Apple iPhone. Blu-ray disc sales volume has gone up while Netflix streaming members has also. Social media is chugging along with over 500 million Facebook members and no competition in sight. 3D HDTVs are attempting to be a big hit among those with the monetary means. The new Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf aim to change the way we consume massive amounts of gasoline each year. Each of these stated technologies, at one point and time, had its fair share of doubters but they all seemed to prevail.

Now on with 2011 and we have 2nd generation products speculated to be introduced in the coming months such as the Apple iPad 2. 2011 is not such a mystery after all because we already know that these tech items are going to be naturally upgraded in some fashion. If 2010 taught us anything about the advancements of technology it is we cannot put anything in stone based off of some rumor although many of the techie rumors of 2010 proved to be very accurate. So now let today’s rumors shape tomorrows dreams. Start saving your money now because from what I hear (another rumor), 2011 will bring us some of the most advanced and revolutionary tech devices and software we have ever seen.


Check out Cnet’s CES 2011 preview video below.

Stay tuned for our update during the CES 2011 (Consumer Electronics Show of 2011) which is set to kick off January 6, 2011. This should give us a clear indication as to what specific tech devices we will see throughout year 2011. Happy New Year!!!

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Best Tech Gifts for 2010 Holiday Seasons – Gift Guide

It is that time of year again. You have to figure out what to get your loved one or a close friend and you don’t mind footing the bill to buy them some new tech gadget. So which one do you choose? We have a few top-tech-gifts to choose from for this year’s holiday season.

Some of the new tech gadgets out this year are simply amazing. You have everything from the new Apple iPad to new Flat-Screen HDTV sets. So what are some of the best rated tech gadgets to choose from for holiday gifts?


Best Tech Gifts for 2010 Holiday Season

Apple iPad
A great gift for those who do not mind using iTunes and the App Store to purchase apps. Great for someone who is already familiar with Apple’s iOS and who may already have an iPhone. Pretty much the number 1 rated tablet on the market in terms of portability and ease of use. Prices start at $499.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Available on Sprint, T-Mobile Verizon and AT&T. An excellent alternative to the Apple iPad. Runs off of the Android OS and has a starting price of $399

Amazon Kindle
Great e-book reader that has the largest library of e-book readers so far. Excellent screen for reading in bright sunlight with built-in Wi-Fi. Prices start at $139.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350
An excellent pocket digital camera with a fast shutter. If you are sick of that shutter delay then the Sony Cyber-shot line-up may be your answer. Prices start at $150

Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS
One of the best GPS units on the market currently but comes at a higher price point starting at $440. Great function and super slim. Has an excellent touch-screen and software is easy to use compared to many other GPS units in this class.

Apple iPhone 4
Obviously one of the hottest items on the tech market period. An excellent buy if you are upgrading that old flip phone. The iPhone 4 is getting some serious competition with Android powered phones lately and now the introduction of Windows Phone 7 OS. Prices start at $199 with a 2/year contract via AT&T.

HTC Evo 4G
Sprints best smartphone and one of the most talked about Android OS phones on the market. 4G speed is awesome but coverage of 4G connectivity is limited right now in the US. Prices start at $149 with a 2/year contract.

Roku XDS Streaming Player
The Roku XDS is a great media device allowing Netflix streaming and a very wide range of media playing abilities. If you are not an avid iTunes movie goer then the Roku XDS may be your choice over the Apple TV. The price is $99.

Panasonic Viera TC-P46G25 Series HDTV
Panasonic is still sold on their plasma technology in flat-screen HDTV as are many avid TV consumers. Picture quality is among the best in the industry providing the deepest blacks you can find on virtually any flat-screen HDTV on the current market. Has built-in streaming abilities such as Netflix. Prices start around $990 at various stores. Shopping around for this one with some patients will save you some money.

Panasonic HDC-SD60K HD Camcorder
Camcorders have come a long way now offering High-Definition recordings in just about every model currently available. The new Panasonic line has great quality and records great Hi-Def video. Shop around and look at the whole line before you drop the starting price of $350 on this one.

Apple Macbook Air
If you have the cash, pick one of these up! This is by far one of the best laptops in the smallest factor form you can get on the market. The downfalls of it is its memory is not upgradable limiting you to either the 2gb Ram/64GB flash drive version on the 11-inch or up to the 4gb Ram/256GB flash drive version on the 13-inch. Prices start at $999 for the 11-inch 2gb Ram/64GB flash drive version and go up to $1,599 for the 4gb Ram/256GB flash drive version on the 13-inch.

HP Envy 17
A great looking laptop with an Apple-ish feel to it. Big clear screen and customization options. Good price for a big laptop full of power. Prices start at $1,299.

Apple iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPod Classic
Among the best mp3 players around. Although not truly classified as an ‘mp3’ player, the vast iTunes library turns the iPod Touch and Classic into a great portable media machine. New iPod nano offers the smallest size of most mp3 players yet packed full of audio functionality. Prices start at $49 for the iPod shuffle, $149 for the iPod nano, $229 for the iPod touch, and $249 for the iPod classic.

Playstation 3 slim & Xbox 360
Gaming is on a new level this year with new systems from both Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. It all comes down to preference for which system you want. The PS3 Slip sports great multimedia features and bluray disc playback. The Xbox 360 has been upgraded to a slimmer and sleaker case with 1080p HDMI output and the optional Kinect system. The Nintendo Wii continues to offer unsurpassed interactivity. Nintendo Wii bundle starts at $195, Xbox 360 slim starts at $299 and the PS3 Slim starts at $299.

Dell UltraSharp U2711
If you are looking for the Mac-Daddy of computer monitors, then go no further than the new Dell UltraSharp U2711. This is the first monitor, aside from the new iMac 27inch built-in screen, to offer 2560×1440 resolution not to mention its 27-inch size. Prices start at $899.

Apple iMac 27-inch
If you do not know about the new iMac then you must come from under your rock. The latest iMac is the best looking desktop there is if you do not mind it’s all-in-one form factor. Pimped out with the Intel Core i5 2.8GHz and marvelous 2560×1440 27-inch LED backlit screen, the new iMac is a monster that can also run Windows 7. Prices start at $1199 for the 21.5 inch version and $1,699 for the 27-inch Core i3 version.

What items will you buy this year for the holidays?

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3D LCD TVs That Do Not Require Glasses Likely in 2015

3d-tv-glassesIt may be possible that in the year 2015 we will have 3D TVs on the market to do not require you to wear 3D glasses according to a Taiwanese research group who recently showed off an early version of such a TV.

3D TV is not quite caught on with consumers at home. Although the movie industry continues to put out a slew of new movies in 3D at the theaters, it is nothing that consumers are jumping up and down about to bring the same experience into their living room. Some of the reasons for this is the price of a new 3D TV and then there is the fact that you have to wear 3D glasses.

Some of these new 3D glasses, which are required to wear to view true 3D content on new 3D TVs, may run you a couple hundred dollars. Just image supplying your whole family of 5, or better yet a whole party of 10 to 15 people, with 3D glasses. That would potentially cost you just as much as you paid for the 3D TV.

Expected out in the year 2015, are 3D TVs that do not require wearing 3D glasses. The Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) recently displayed a 42-inch 3D LCD TV that does not require use of 3D glasses. The company says that they could make these glasses-free 3D LCD TVs up to 65-inches.

It has also been reported that several other companies, mainly in South Korea and Japan, are working on the same glasses-free 3D TVs.

The current 3D LCD and Plasma TVs were showcased to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and has only slightly caught on to some consumers.

With the slow start for 3D TVs, should consumers hold off another few years? Should we save our money and keep watching regular 2D HDTV sets until they perfect 3D TVs to the point of the new glasses-free 3D technology? These are questions that everyone is asking because this type of technology does not come cheap. Just think, you have to buy a new glasses-free 3D LCD TV and the new blue-ray player to play the media. Although you would be saving on the price of 3D glass, I could not imagine now much a new glasses-free 3D TV would cost.

What do you think? Are you a 3D TV fanatic or could you wait until they offer a better solution than wearing 3D glasses?

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Is Film Criticism Being Killed by Social Media?

film-critic-roger-ebertWhen was the last time that you went and saw a movie based on a movie critics rave reviews? Was the movie that you saw what you expected due to the critics review? For that matter, when was the last time that a movie you saw was the total opposite of what a movie critic said about it?

Today we have a new audience, one that feeds off of social media thus turning everyone into a critic. When a movie hits the big screen you can be rest assured that there are both sides of the spectrum in terms of reviews of that movie on a social media website. But who do you really believe?

Critics for years have made a name by being critical of the best films out there. Normal Joes like me and you have drawn our own conclusions after we actually saw a movie. Now days we can take our opinion to the social media site and someone out their will believe us. But the same old question arises. Are the critics being killed by social media?

Of course some critics have their favorites and in general we all have our favorites. But what about when that new revolutionary film comes out in 3D? Where do we draw the baseline? Do we get it from social media or a critic that we have listened to for years? Who put the wrench into Avatar not getting an Oscar for the best film this year? It wasn’t me.

Many have said that critics must adapt or die. They must start blogging and Facebooking and even Tweeting their opinions on movies and not use old traditional ways for giving the world their opinion on the latest film. Sure, everyone can become a part of the social media world but that does not mean they are right. Right?

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Are We Ready for 3D TV?

My grandparents use to tell me stories about the first time they saw a TV color screen and I remember the very first time that I stepped foot into a local SoundAdvice store and witnessed the beauty of an HDTV. I even remember the first time that I saw Jaws in 3D. These were all moments that technology stapled a permanent image in my mind. Now that the new hype is 3D TV, I wonder if it will be as prominent as those other moments in history. Those were the good old days. Now, we are going back in time to relive that 3D experience all over again but are we really ready for it?

Sure, Hollywood can pump out some amazing 3D movies, Avatar is proof of that concept. The major drawback would be the availability of viewing 3D movies in your home without buying a new relatively expensive 3D TV. Not to mention, when you put on a set of 3D glasses it diminishes the light output that you would actually pick up through your eyes. I don’t think that is the direction that we want to head in.

Why use a 5 cent pair of 3D glasses to watch a billion dollar movie on a $5 thousand (or more) 3D TV set, let alone, at the movie theater?

3d-tv-glassesThen there are those movies that were turned into a 3D movie after it was shot normally without the intent on making it officially 3D. These can be very distracting to the viewer and if done poorly, can just mess up your viewing experience altogether. Avatar, on the other hand, is a nicely done movie that the flaw of the glasses filtering out light was overlooked because the over-all experience is good and the directors were savvy enough to pull it off.

Have you ever watched a 3D movie at the theater, or anywhere else, and you felt the need to pull of the 3D glasses every minute or so to see if your view would “clear up”? Well, chances are, that was a fake 3D movie that was processes into 3D after it was shot. It is a rather complicated process and you would call out every little “fake” detail that you saw just like you did in those horrific CGI clips in certain movies that we have seen in the past… cough cough “XXX 2 State of the Union”.

What it comes down to it is just plain expensive to do 3D right and it is plain expensive to have a good viewing experience at home. Just think, you have to purchase one of these new 3D TV sets (if you can find one), a nice pair of 3D glasses, a blue ray player capable of playing the 3D blue ray disc and a killer sound system if you want to hear as good as you can see. I just do not see 3D TV catching on right now. Maybe give it a few years. Hollywood is already shelling out a lot of cash in making 3D movies but can the public match them in those efforts for watching the movies? Just because they can do it (make 3D movies) does not mean that they should. Give me a good IMAX theater screen to watch a normal 2D movie or pop in “The Dark Knight” Blue Ray on my Panasonic Plasma HDTV and I am a happy camper, for now.

What are your thoughts on 3D TV?

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