Startups Are Great: The Body Dryer Poised to Replace Shower Towels

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Innovative startups are awesome, especially when such a startup company with an intriguing invention attempts to replace something in our lives that everyone uses. With that said, the New York-based startup The Body Dryer is attempting to replace your shower towel with a system that dries you from the ground up.

With a device similar to a bathroom scale, The Body Dryer shoots air up to get rid of excess water. The design aspects and benefits are said to prevent unwanted bacteria that may accumulate and grow in towels that you use to dry yourself off. Interesting isn’t it?

The Body Dryer uses ionized air forced onto your body and can be set to blow at different temperatures. Additionally, it acts as a scale at the same time. The Body Dryer company wants to use these devices for home and commercial applications, such as in gyms. So far, pricing is said to be around $250 once backers of the company and device are settles on their future agreements. So far, it looks to be promising as the company has already captured $30,000 of the total $50,000 the need for production to commence.

There are videos for a demonstration of The Body Dryer, but we warn you of the women that used may not be dressed for viewing at work.

It is possible that The Body Dryer may spark other companies to join in on this towel-replacement task. It brings companies like Dyson to mind, which may show off some prototype of a similar device in the future. Bottom line, innovations like these are what makes startups come to fruition and we may be hoping that this one pans out, because towels are for the birds. I just wonder how it dries off your head and hair?

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