Sound The Alarm: Google Is Watching Every Move You Make Online

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google-watching-you-sound-alarm-2Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching every move you make on the internet? I do and I found out that my measly five senses are not letting me down because someone is actually watching me and their name is Google.

Call me paranoid but I don’t think it is safe to surf the internet any longer. Maybe Prince the singer is right, we should just abandon the internet, it is no longer any good. Well, it is still good and I am still going to use it till the day that I die but in the meantime, Google is probably going to continue to watch virtually every move that I make so it is time to sound the alarm.

The Free Art and Technology (FAT) Lab is promoting a new browser plugin that gives you a visual notification and audible alarm every time it notices data being sent to Google from your computer (web browser). Alarmingly, no pun intended, just about every single website that I go to an alarm sounds because I am sending information to Google. Demonstrated in the video below is how this creative plugin for Firefox works.

Google Alarm from Jamie Dubs on Vimeo.

As you can see in the video above is that Google is getting information from your internet usage whether you like it or not. Pretty scary huh? Sure it is! I think I will join Prince and never use the internet again because Google is going to bust me for pirating his latest album which happens to suck. Okay, I really didn’t pirate it, I just downloaded a sample from a reputable MP3 site which when I navigated to, I also got the Google Alarm!

And you thought that your boss at work was the one watching what you did on the internet!

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