Smart Contact Lenses to Trump Google Glass

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Google Glass has been a hit for some, but the idea of having to tote or wear some extra device does not jive with a large percentage of the population. As an answer to this high-tech fashion fopa, eyewear startup Innovega has announced a prototype of iOptik lenses at the CES 2014.

The Innovega eyewear system is made up of two parts, glasses and content lenses. The contact lenses are in a way like Google Glass shrunk into a contact lens. Basically, the smart contact lenses allow you to the ability to enhance and focus in on objects your eye cannot define as clearly. With an accompanying set of glasses the company has created, the system displays apps and media much like a full Google Glass experience. Using the glasses with the high-tech contact lenses will enhance your vision even further.

The advantages of the smart contact lenses over Google Glass are its ability to combine a set of glasses for enhancing an image that appears to be like looking at a huge flat-screen TV in high resolution. Google Glass is like looking at the screen of your smart phone to put it into perspective.

The iOptik glasses, the name of the full system combining smart contact lenses and a set of glasses, could ultimately replace your smart phone one day and your prescription glasses/contact lenses. Yes, that is right, it is said that you may fill the smart contact lenses with your desired prescription for your eyes. It is basically a two-fold or three-fold solution system.

This could really work and be the replacement for a few devices you have to carry around on a daily basis – and zoom in on ‘things’ you want to secretly see close up.

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