Quit Facebook Day: Naysayers or a Mass Exodus?

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quit-facebook-day-just-say-noSo you may or may not have heard about the “Quit Facebook Day” website or idea that on May 31, 2010 that a large group of people have made a commitment to delete their Facebook account for either privacy issues or concern that Facebook will over-take the world.

Okay, so Facebook now has over 400 million users. Great. But that does not give them the “power” to conquer world domination. Maybe these people are right, their personal information is plastered all over the internet. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the internet a public area and Facebook is basically a public forum? When did people get the notion that their information posted on a “public forum” would be private?

Facebook gives you several options and different ways to manage your information. Some may not be fair choices but never-the-less, they are so kind to provide “privacy” settings. Quitting Facebook for some is like quitting smoking. It will take almost an act of congress to quit the habit. For others, they are quite fed-up about how their information is shared over the internet.

The Quit Facebook Day website has only grown to just over 4000 followers who have made the choice to quit Facebook come May 31st. Wow, 4,000 people, I am sure that’s going to worry Mark Zuckerburg to death (sarcasm here if you have not noticed already). The question comes down to this. Can you really live without Facebook? Will your friends on Facebook understand your frustration?

Facebook wants your data and they want to share it. Facebook is not like Windows. You may not like Microsoft but you probably still use their software just about every day. Same thing with Facebook. Zuckerburg can be compared to Bill Gates, both goofy Harvard frat boys. Both now have a reputation for being a ruthless businessman even though I am still not sure how Facebook is really making any money.

So, on May 31st will you join the “Quit Facebook Day” group or will you be like me and update your Facebook status wishing everyone else a happy “Quit Facebook Day”?

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