Does President Obama Think Facebook Isn’t Cool Anymore?

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You may have seen the headlines where a statement from President Obama said while at a coffee shop attempting to sign up people within the 18 to 34 year old demographic for the Affordable Car Act plan. The President was overheard by an Atlantic associate editor Robinson Meyer saying “It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore.”

As to who “they” is, we suspect that he meant the folks in the demographic he was attempting to get to sign up for Affordable Car Act plans. Meyer came to this conclusion in his complete thought process of the perception of Facebook and social media in general for that age group.

Facebook definitely had swagger but some think it is lost it over time as the company is not as cool as it used to be. You have to delve deep into the structure of Facebook and who is helping to run it now. Back in its early years it was nothing but Harvard students zoned in on a computer screen, which molded into the coolness we see in the company Apple. Now, Facebook is more like Dell where they employ folks who are suit and tie minded and faced with a shaky IPO and buyouts in the billions for companies like Instagram.

Whatever direction Facebook is headed in, there will always be those who are skeptical of the path it is cutting through the preverbal tech forest in each of its 1-billion user’s back yard.

What are your thoughts on Facebook and do you think President Obama was on point for his implications on “they” not using Facebook anymore?

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