BMW Reveals ActiveAssist Features at CES 2014 – Can Drive and Drift Your Car Autonomously

At the CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show) automotive manufacturers have unleashed many new forward-thinking tech, some of which will drive the car for you and even perform flawless drifts. BMW has always been a company to introduce new tech in their cars that takes driving comfort, style and safety to new levels. In their new [...]

Senior Plant Turns Grandparents Into Computer Savvy Tech Wizzes

The folks at the Senior Planet Exploration Center, a technology-themed institute for older adults, are in the business of teaching people who are 60 years old or older how to become tech savvy. Through a free membership, studends at Senior Plant can learn how to use their iPad, computer, internet or just find out how [...]

Top 25 Films of 2013 Summed up in an 11 Minute Video

This year has undoubtedly been interesting for movies and Hollywood happenings in general. In the full circle of movies released this year we can only give two thumbs up to a few of them. Within a full top 25 list of movies that debuted this year, it comes down to very hard decisions that you [...]

WiFi Chips Found in Chinese Appliances Distributing Malware

There is an old saying that what someone does not know won’t hurt them. This statement cannot be any farther from the truth when it comes to certain Chinese appliances found to have hidden WiFi chips that distribute malware onto computers that connect to the broadcasted WiFi network of the particular device. Chinese appliances and [...]

Best Home Devices for Video Chatting on your TV

Technology has enabled us to all cherish memories like never before and to communicate to virtually anyone in the world face to face by use of certain media devices. Not only can be we use our smartphone or video-conferencing equipment to chat face to face via video, but we can do it with many other [...]

Flip Phone Halloween Costume Makes Old Phones Cool Again

Now days we tend to chuckle at those who still use a flip phone. At one time, for those of us who adopted the cell phone in the past decade, probably had some type of flip phone or knew someone who had one at the time. They were the ‘in-thing’ but today not so much. [...]

Categorical Chart Shows 65% of Time Spent on Social Networks Takes Place on Mobile Devices

Now days it is all about mobile and having the untethered freedom of toting around your favorite device or devices wirelessly connected to the internet. There is no doubt that the landscape of the earth has literally been changed due to the advancements in technology and how mobile devices are now basically ruling the world. [...]

Top 10 ‘Star Trek’ Technologies that Exist Today

If you at all a techie like me then you probably like or at least respect Star Trek and the latest two Star Trek Hollywood blockbusters for the technology they portray. Many have wondered when exactly we will see many of those ‘futuristic’ technologies in real life. Well, it seems that there is a top [...]

The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Ever

We stumbled across a time lapse video and thought it would be just another poor attempt for some rookie photographer to capture images over a period of a few hours. After watching the video below we walked away with our jaw dropped. The simply stunning aspects of this video are mind blowing. The earth is [...]

Netflix DVD Service Splits from Streaming to form ‘Qwikster’ Company

In a recent bombshell dropped by Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings, it has been announced that Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service will be separate from Netflix’s streaming and called Qwikster. The new Qwikster service will offer DVD, Blue Rays and now, Video Games by mail. I speculate that this move is two-fold as an answer to the recent [...]