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Startups Are Great: The Body Dryer Poised to Replace Shower Towels

Innovative startups are awesome, especially when such a startup company with an intriguing invention attempts to replace something in our lives that everyone uses. With that said, the New York-based startup The Body Dryer is attempting to replace your shower towel with a system that dries you from the ground up.

With a device similar to a bathroom scale, The Body Dryer shoots air up to get rid of excess water. The design aspects and benefits are said to prevent unwanted bacteria that may accumulate and grow in towels that you use to dry yourself off. Interesting isn’t it?

The Body Dryer uses ionized air forced onto your body and can be set to blow at different temperatures. Additionally, it acts as a scale at the same time. The Body Dryer company wants to use these devices for home and commercial applications, such as in gyms. So far, pricing is said to be around $250 once backers of the company and device are settles on their future agreements. So far, it looks to be promising as the company has already captured $30,000 of the total $50,000 the need for production to commence.

There are videos for a demonstration of The Body Dryer, but we warn you of the women that used may not be dressed for viewing at work.

It is possible that The Body Dryer may spark other companies to join in on this towel-replacement task. It brings companies like Dyson to mind, which may show off some prototype of a similar device in the future. Bottom line, innovations like these are what makes startups come to fruition and we may be hoping that this one pans out, because towels are for the birds. I just wonder how it dries off your head and hair?

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Anticipating the iPhone 6: Rumors Seem Feasible

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most sought after mobile device on the planet even though Samsung is really giving Apple a run for their money, in a literal sense. With rumors starting to stir around once again on the internet we found ourselves speculating what is to come of the next version of the iPhone, which may set in motion what other smartphone makers start to move towards in design and feature aspects.

Even though the iPhone as rather slacked off of true innovation in the last couple iterations, it is still the one device that people stand in long lines for awaiting their chance to lay down a good portion of their weekly paycheck on the hottest device to come out of California, though manufactured overseas.

What we know about the next generation iPhone is that it is revolving around the name iPhone 6 and will be offered in a bigger flavor as well as a smaller version, which may match the screen size of the current iPhone 5S and 5C. Analysts and sources claim that Apple will have a 5-inch screen version of the iPhone and then the smaller one. Additionally, there have been so-called leaks of the new iPhone 6′s case circulating through various channels on the internet but no one has confirmed those. Though, some of the cases look rather convincing.

The exclusive Applebyte Cnet video below is a nice roundup of what is to come of the iPhone 6, or whatever it is called as the NEXT iPhone, in addition to Apple’s latest happenings and highlights that you may have not known about.

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Edward Snowden Reveals Backdoors Planted by NSA Can be Leveraged by Outsiders

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is still captivating us with information that the NSA allegedly hides from us and one of the latest findings is what backdoors planted by the NSA can be leveraged by others. This information comes to us as Snowden uses a Beam telepresence robot at the TED Conference in Vancouver.

Snowden documents that were published back in September of 2013 uncover the “Bullrun” classified program, which is said to have a goal to break the encryption that is used to protect internet communications. Through such a program it is claimed that the NSA intentionally misleads corporate partners so they can safeguard the system but it is actually bad advice as it may degrade the quality of service.

In reality, as reports have recently said in regards to Snowden’s documents, backdoors are being built that not only the NSA can exploit, but others who have the proper resources and time can do also. This means those with the right tools could ultimately attack companies who are left vulnerable because of backdoors leveraged by the NSA.

“The NSA has traditionally worn two hats; it’s been in charge of offensive operations and defensive operations. Usually, it prioritizes defense over offense; American secrets are worth more,” Snowden explained.

Just the other week reports published by The Intercept showed that the NSA has processes that could enable them to plant malware on millions of systems around the world. With the use of backdoors leveraged by the NSA it could open up all sorts of outsiders to perform these malicious actions against companies potentially collecting private data that could allow cybercrooks to infiltrate online systems including banking systems.

The vast uncertainty and unknown realm of the NSA perpetuations almost everyday as Snowden documents are sifted through and other classified information is leaked.

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Apple Talks With Comcast Could Lead to New Set-Top Box Streaming Services

The rumors of Apple having some serious talks with Comcast surrounding a possible Apple Smart TV are being sparked recently.

Reported, from the Wall Street Journal, a new service would include an Apple set-top box that allows special access on Comcast’s equipment essentially bypassing internet congestion. This service would more than likely include streaming, on-demand video and video recordings all from the cloud, which Apple has already pioneered in their spectrum of current devices and access.

The Wall Street Journal stated in these talks regarding ‘the plan’: Under the plan Apple proposed to Comcast, Apple’s video streams would be treated as a “managed service” traveling in Internet protocol format—similar to cable video-on-demand or phone service.

Of course Net Neutrality, explained in detail in the video below, has its own concerns in such a deal with Apple piggy backing on Comcast. This would bring about major fears with internet access companies and potentially handicap smaller companies without the finances to pay for premium access.

In the most recent reports, Apple and Comcast are not close to sealing a deal. Such a deal is said that Comcast would be required to make major new investments and changes in its networking infrastructure.

Either way, we see a future with Apple as a major player in the TV business in more ways than one. One way would be having Comcast’s blessing and the other way would have some nifty new Apple device to power your TV services.

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Google Smartwatch Specifications Leak Out – Similar to Galaxy Gear 2

Smartwatches have yet to take a front seat in the market of techie gadgets, but at the same time they refuse to take a backseat as we get wind of the specs of Google’s Smartwatch.

Google is getting into the smartwatch game with their LG-partner featuring a 1.65=inch screen and a resolution of 280×280 pixels. The Google Smartwatch will have 512mb of RAM on board with 4GB of storage. That is enough grunt to be comparable to entry-level smartphones on the current market. As far as the processor powering the Google Smartwatch, it is still unclear but we suspect a comparable outfitting to that of the Galaxy Gear 2.

In capturing the recent specs on the soon-to-be-released Google Smartwatch, it is amazing to find that we can virtually wear enough power around our wrist to launch one of the old Saturn V rockets in prep for an Apollo mission to the moon. No wonder they name some of these devices after categorized items in our Universe. Smartwatches were thought of to be out of this world but now they can be on your wrist. Go figure.

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Apple CarPlay Looks to Redefine Automotive Interaction and Infotainment

It was probably only a matter of time before Apple got into the automotive game in some form or another. So far Apple seems to be playing this game on a fair level playing field as they showcase a simplified interface for the infotainment system and automotive controls, which was first hinted at CES 2014. What we are seeing now are several automotive manufacturers with plans to integrate Apple CarPlay into their vehicles.

The automakers who have announced plans for Apple CarPlay are BMW, Ferrari, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar/Land Rover, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Volvo. Of these, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will be the very first adopters of this new Apple tech in their vehicles.

Below is a demonstration of Apple CarPlay, which is said to be a seamless integration with current iPhones and other Apple devices.

Our question is, would you want Apple or a variation of Apple OS X in your car in place of whatever system is running for your GPS Navigation, audio controls, AC/Heater controls or even your vehicle settings?

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Does President Obama Think Facebook Isn’t Cool Anymore?

You may have seen the headlines where a statement from President Obama said while at a coffee shop attempting to sign up people within the 18 to 34 year old demographic for the Affordable Car Act plan. The President was overheard by an Atlantic associate editor Robinson Meyer saying “It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore.”

As to who “they” is, we suspect that he meant the folks in the demographic he was attempting to get to sign up for Affordable Car Act plans. Meyer came to this conclusion in his complete thought process of the perception of Facebook and social media in general for that age group.

Facebook definitely had swagger but some think it is lost it over time as the company is not as cool as it used to be. You have to delve deep into the structure of Facebook and who is helping to run it now. Back in its early years it was nothing but Harvard students zoned in on a computer screen, which molded into the coolness we see in the company Apple. Now, Facebook is more like Dell where they employ folks who are suit and tie minded and faced with a shaky IPO and buyouts in the billions for companies like Instagram.

Whatever direction Facebook is headed in, there will always be those who are skeptical of the path it is cutting through the preverbal tech forest in each of its 1-billion user’s back yard.

What are your thoughts on Facebook and do you think President Obama was on point for his implications on “they” not using Facebook anymore?

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BMW Reveals ActiveAssist Features at CES 2014 – Can Drive and Drift Your Car Autonomously

At the CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show) automotive manufacturers have unleashed many new forward-thinking tech, some of which will drive the car for you and even perform flawless drifts.

BMW has always been a company to introduce new tech in their cars that takes driving comfort, style and safety to new levels. In their new ActiveAssist features and systems they do just that. New BMW cars with new ActiveAssist features will be able to virtually drive the vehicle on its own in certain conditions and even prevent accidents such as in the case of approaching an object too fast or simply when the driver is not paying attention.

The video below is a quick synopsis of these technologies put into action, including the drift that BMW’s new systems can perform in the all-new BMW M235i.

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Senior Plant Turns Grandparents Into Computer Savvy Tech Wizzes

The folks at the Senior Planet Exploration Center, a technology-themed institute for older adults, are in the business of teaching people who are 60 years old or older how to become tech savvy. Through a free membership, studends at Senior Plant can learn how to use their iPad, computer, internet or just find out how to search for something on Google.

Since opening January 2013, they have taught upwards of 20,000 seniors in almost 15,000 classes. The only requirement for admission is that the student be at least 60 years old.

Senior Planet’s whole goal is to connect Seniors to the technology revolution, which has naturally progressed much faster than those in the senior category could keep up.

Tom Kamber, the founder of Senior Planet and executive director for Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), says the center is the first of its kind. The classes run in 5 or 10 weeks and are completely free. It is said that over half of Americans using the internet are aged 65 and older, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center report.

“Anything that seniors need technology for, they can come here and learn,” Kamber says. “We’re in the middle of an aging revolution. But we’re also in the middle of a technology revolution, and seniors have not yet connected to that.”

Do you think the Senior Plant idea is something that should expand across the globe and how would it benefit you at your current age?

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Top 25 Films of 2013 Summed up in an 11 Minute Video

This year has undoubtedly been interesting for movies and Hollywood happenings in general. In the full circle of movies released this year we can only give two thumbs up to a few of them. Within a full top 25 list of movies that debuted this year, it comes down to very hard decisions that you may or may not agree on. In retrospect, you probably agree that the top 25 movies line video below are pretty close to your very own thoughts for those who have actually taken the time out to watch most new movies released during 2013. Tell us your thoughts on the top 25 in the video and post up your comments below.

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