New York City Gets Free AT&T Wi-Fi

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times-square-free-wi-fiIf you are an AT&T customer like me then may already know that their network is overloaded and they really can’t handle the load. Now to help alleviate that issue, AT&T is rolling out free Wi-Fi in New York City.

AT&T will be rolling out a Free Wi-Fi pilot program for their wireless and broadband customers using Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and other enabled devices. This means if you tote an iPhone around Times Square using the AT&T 3G network to access the internet, then you can now utilize NY’s free Wi-Fi instead.

If program offering free Wi-Fi goes well, AT&T may offer this same service to other cities. Just think, no longer will you have to walk into your local Starbucks to get a good internet connection via Wi-Fi.

I am more than certain AT&T is offering this deal as a way to free-up traffic on their network which is probably being beat to death considering how many iPhones and iPads are pulling 3G data on a consistent basis.

The 20,000 or more Wi-Fi hot spots that AT&T already has, helped in offloading some of the traffic which it has offered to its wireless customers.

What do you think? Free Wi-Fi for everyone in every major city across America? Sounds like a plan to me!

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