New Alternative Search Engine ‘Blekko’ Launches

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blekko-search-engineA new alternative internet search engine called Blekko has recently launched after three-years in the making and $24 million.

You may be thinking that Blekko will be just another attempt to shake up things at Google but the objective for Blekko is to eliminate spam search results essentially allowing its users to search a subset of the web. Blekko offers new features aside from Google such as a proprietary slashtag technology.

The addition of slashtags enables an auto sequence for search queries falling into one of seven categories: autos, personal finance, colleges, health, lyrics, recipes and hotels. Whenever a user searches in one of those fields, Blekko will automatically append the associated slashtag to the query and limit the search results that specifically fall under that particular slashtag. Think if it as weeding out anything that could be remotely none-related to your search. It is almost like using the Wikipedia formula only on a search engine.

Basically, Blekko has taken Google search’s weaknesses and created a search engine that improves upon them greatly. As an example, heath, lyric and financial queries on Google or Bing return results that are dominated by poor quality content farms or even malicious sites known to host computer malware parasites. Not only has Blekko made an effort to ‘clean-up’ internet search results, but they can control your results by providing high-quality ones through their slashtag method.

Blekko is currently live and available for use. It may take a few minutes to get use to it but so far it has been an interesting experience with just me using it to search for automotive information so I can replace my car that was in an accident last month.

Check out Blekko for yourself at:

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