MovieReshape Demonstration: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos

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True computer geeks like me have at one time or more played around with photoshop and reshaped landscape images, animals, cars and even people. Ever thought you looked too fat on an image. Sure, just modify it on photoshop. But what about when it comes to video? Not much you can do there is it? Actually it is. Check out this video below demonstrating this interesting program called ‘MovieReshap’ where it allows you to track and reshape people in videos.

Short and fat like me? This looks like the answer to editing those home videos where you just do not look like yourself or so you think you don’t. Not only can you make yourself taller and skinnier, but you can do it where it is actually convincing to others.

Imagine the things that we see on TV today that are not ‘real’ because of technologically advanced programs like this! I am certain the movie industry has been doing this for years.

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