The Most Hilarious Gadget Unboxing Videos

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During my daily perusing of my favorite sites, I stumbled across some of the funniest unboxing videos ever first. To be honest, I never really got all excited over the unboxing of the latest and greatest gadget. Really, what is the big deal about seeing some geek tear through the packaging of a new iPhone 4 or a Macbook. I really could care less how other geeks open up their box and setup their own new gadget.

The 5 videos that are currently being labeled as ’5 Hilarious Gadget Uboxing Videos’ are downright funny! They could have done without the ping-pong one but you will get a kick out of the others I guarantee it!

When do you ever remember unboxing an electronic gadget being this funny?

BONUS Unboxing video:

Source: Mashable

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