Best Buy Employee Almost Fired Over Hilarious EVO vs. iPhone 4 Videos Posts New TweetFired Video (NSFW Language)

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Did you hear about the Best Buy employee who was fired for making mockery videos of the HTC EVO versus the iPhone 4? If not, check out the video below that portrays an electronics store employee trying to convince a customer that wants an iPhone 4 to buy the HTC EVO 4G instead.

The kid (Best Buy employee) who created the video, at the time was not sure how Best Buy made the connection to him but speculated that it may have been from his YouTube channel which included other videos made by friends who referenced Best Buy in them.

As a followup to the video above, the kid has created another one continuing the same theme only calling the store, “The Apple Store”.

The latest video to come from the former Best Buy employee is one that shows how an employee gets fired for using Twitter which is almost a mockery of his own situation in real life. Check it out below!

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