Video: Google’s Blooper Reel and info on Voice Actions for Android

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What does Google have up their sleeves now? That is the question I am asking after watching the Google Blooper Reel video below provided by TechCrunch.

First thing I thought was this guy is a total goofy geek, just like me. But then again I noticed this guy is actually trying… trying to pitch Google Voice Actions. I have included an additional video from the guys at TechCrunch explaining what is next for Google Voice Actions, a new set of features for Android. It basically lets you do more complex actions on an Android phone such as sending text messages.

Google Voice Actions for Android would be the seamless integration of using your phone all virtually by speaking. That means you can just talk to your phone and tell it to dial a number or speak out your next text message and it handles the rest. In the perfect world this would be the solution to a lot of things. Even Ford is going the way of voice activation functions (more than ever in a car) that lets the driver voice literally hundreds of actions. It will be very interesting to see Google lead the way with the Android market of smart phones with Google Voice Actions.

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