Google Wallet Coming To Glass Allowing Users to Speak ‘Payments’ On the Go

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There is already much controversy over Google Glass being an invasion of privacy for some with its advanced camera and instant sharing features. It seems Google will stir the pot even more with the integration of Google Wallet, which will be part of Glass soon.

Reportedly, Google is testing a way for Glass to send money to friends through Wallet by simply using their voices to ask Glass to “send money.” This service is said to be in testing currently.

I knowing how Google has already rolled out similar features for Gmail users for sending of money to others, it is no big surprise that Wallet will be shared with other devices like Glass. The day where you are in line waiting to pay for something you simply walk away after you have instructed Glass to “pay your bill” or do the same at a restaurant when you just get up and leave after you have “sent money” to the waiter or waitress including a nice tip.

Of course with Google’s hands in your Wallet, in a literal sense, they will be charging a 2.9% fee for the Wallet transactions or .30 cents, whichever is higher.

Would you adopt Google Wallet integrated into Google Glass? How about more Wallet features on other devices like your smartphone?

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