Google+ vs. Facebook: Why I Won’t Abandon Facebook for Google+

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I am one of those bandwagon techie guys that has join the ranking of over 5 million people on Google Plus (Google+). Over the past few days I have played around with Google+ wondering if it was ever going to be something to compete with Facebook and I have come to an early conclusion that it won’t.

It was inevitable that a Facebook competitor, or one with the same concept, would come along and inject the interwebs with their new social world. No one has been bold enough to face Facebook in the interim. The ill-fated MySpace never stood a chance even though good ol Tom (MySpace founder) was considered to be the most friended guy in the world while Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was pimping his nerd fro on the Harvard campus.

Google+ does not fail in terms of its interface and usability because, after all, it is very similar to Facebook’s. Where Google+ fails to really get me is the non-techie people. The ones who I have friended over Facebook when I never would have any otherwise. These people make up the bulk of Facebook even the ones who choose to use their computers maybe once a month if that. Lets face it, people are lazy and they just do not have the time for another social network. Who is going to manage two social networks if they see no real value in it? I know I won’t.

Facebook has over 750 million users. How long did it take to get that many people? Well, Facebook launched in 2004 officially as ‘Facebook’ after ‘The Facebook’ was born in a Harvard dorm room. Google could very well have 100 million users in a matter of a few months if there are enough tech savy people on this planet. Why do I keep associating Google+ with more tech savy people? Simple, tech guys sport Android phones, know the innerworkings of services that Google offers outside of just being a search engine and tech guys have the time to socially network over another network besides Facebook. The non-tech people, as mentioned earlier, have no desire to join ANOTHER social network nor do they have the time and full understanding of what Google is offering.

When you say ‘Google’, most of the world will instantly recognize it as a search engine and nothing else, Nothing! Facebook, on the other hand, is known as THE SOCIAL NETWORK and will go down in history as the only social network to have over 700 million users. Even though you have billions who access Google to simply search the internet, they won’t get that new association of Google+ unless it becomes mandated one day by the governments around the world. Good luck with that.

Anywho, that’s my scoop on Facebook vs. Google+ and I am sticking to it until further notice of Google+ reaching a user level anywhere near Facebook’s.

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