Google TV: Taking the Complicated and Boring Out of TV

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google-tv-1Remember those days of changing your schedule to meet the schedule of TV so that you can actually watch something good? Sure, those days are still here but now you can bring everything you love about the web to your TV. Will it be a big hit?

Google TV searches all your channels, hubs, favorite websites… so on and brings it to your TV. Google TV will basically make your TV smarter so you do not have to waste time looking for what you want and more time watching.

Okay, now that my sales pitch is over. Check out the introduction to Google TV in the YouTube video below.

Did you know that Google has partnered with Dish Network and scored a retail partnership with Best Buy? So that means rolling out Google TV will be right in your face the next time you go shopping for that new tech gadget at your local Best Buy. Better yet, we should start seeing commercial advertising Google TV on our “boring TVs” soon.

Google is basically going to roll out a TV service that targets the 4 billion TV users worldwide. And you thought Facebook had a big following with 400 million users. That’s nothing to the world-domination that Google seeks with the new Google TV

Google TV will be open sources for both Android and Chrome source trees. Don’t even ask me about the iPhone. You know the deal there!

Google TV is expected to be released in early 2011. Until then, I guess I will turn on some Family Guy and try to enjoy my boring TV life.

So, will Google TV catch on?

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