Google Smartwatch Specifications Leak Out – Similar to Galaxy Gear 2

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Smartwatches have yet to take a front seat in the market of techie gadgets, but at the same time they refuse to take a backseat as we get wind of the specs of Google’s Smartwatch.

Google is getting into the smartwatch game with their LG-partner featuring a 1.65=inch screen and a resolution of 280×280 pixels. The Google Smartwatch will have 512mb of RAM on board with 4GB of storage. That is enough grunt to be comparable to entry-level smartphones on the current market. As far as the processor powering the Google Smartwatch, it is still unclear but we suspect a comparable outfitting to that of the Galaxy Gear 2.

In capturing the recent specs on the soon-to-be-released Google Smartwatch, it is amazing to find that we can virtually wear enough power around our wrist to launch one of the old Saturn V rockets in prep for an Apollo mission to the moon. No wonder they name some of these devices after categorized items in our Universe. Smartwatches were thought of to be out of this world but now they can be on your wrist. Go figure.

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