Google To Launch Music Service by Christmas

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google-music-serviceIs iTunes getting on your nerves lately due to the mounting spam found on their PING service? How about the time that you attempted to burn an MP3 CD from the music collection that you purchased via iTunes and couldn’t? Well, there may be an answer in the form of a music service offered by Google due out by Christmas of this year.

According to reports from Reuters, there have been talks between Google and record labels to have the Google Music Service up and running by Christmas which will be an iTunes challenger. The Google Music Service will be massively connected to the Android mobile OS as you can only imagine.

The Google Music Service will be a cloud-based subscription service with the ability to stream music to Android devices. Do I smell a new Android iPod replacement in the works here? Who knows?

The recent launch of iTunes 10 has put Apple into a better position for pumping new life into music offerings. The new Ping social network in iTunes so far has not been as big of hit as some speculated. This may give Google some wiggle room to enter into the market and do some serious damage, to your ears!

Do you think Google’s Music Service will be as big as iTunes one day? Will you use the Google Music Service to at least see what it is all about? Do you think Apple is at all the least bit concerned?

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