Google Instant Instantly Blocks ‘bad’ Search Terms

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google-instant-search-blacklistSo you are in a public library and you decide to Google “Paris Hilton” because your next book report you have to write about celebrities who did nothing to deserve their fame. You use Google and start typing in “Paris Hilton” and you start to get results for “Paris Hilton Sex Tap” and other obscene sites. Well, that simply isn’t going to happen because Google has blacklisted several search terms from utilizing the ‘Google Instant’ feature. Instead, for those ‘other’ blacklisted terms you will have to go through the long drawn-out process of hitting the enter key. That’s right, you must strike ENTER because Google Instant will not instantly give you results for a very long list of blacklisted terms which most are slang, vulgar language, porn related or the term “Google is evil”.

To view the full list of blacklisted terms from Google Instant go to

An interesting bit from the Inquirer says the following about Google Instant blacklisting certain terms:

A lot of the words are urban slang, so for example, camel podiatrists will find searching for information about their wards a less than Instant process, as will anyone looking for work in a factory that packs fudge. Unemployed altruists looking for a position as a missionary will also be stymied, and anyone with a rusty trombone that needs polishing will have to go through a laborious, old style Google search process.

Have you tested out Google Instant against some crazy terms that you think may be black listed? Did it meet your expectations?

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