Future of the Cell Phone: What’s Next?

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So you have looked at your iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S running Android or Blackberry Torch and you wonder, what the cell phone makers could conjure up next. What will the future hold for new phones?

No one really knows what will be next for cell phones. Interestingly enough, there have been several futuristic concept phone designs floating around the internet for some time even before the days of the current iPhone. New innovation would seem almost impossible for cell phone makers to some people and to others new innovation has a long ways to go. Below are videos of futuristic phone design concepts that we can all daydream over as to what will take fruition to being the newest and hottest cell phone on the market. Will Apple create a new iPhone 5 that displays holograms? Will blackberry revolutionize how we read email on the go? Will Nokia have the sleekest looking phone ever? Check out the design videos below and come to your own conclusion.

REVIVE smartphone diagnostics from Kinneir Dufort on Vimeo.

iphone 5 concept – futuristic hologram projector from WaterWorks / Christopher East on Vimeo.

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