The Full Story (preview) of Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One In 1 Video

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They guys at UnboxTherapy take a different approach to comparing and slightly reviewing the all-new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One entertainment systems. The long wait is just about over as people from all walks of life in America take up their $500 or $600-plus to lay down on the latest and greatest video gaming systems to rock planet earth.

From all of the speculations, complaints and previews of the new systems, Unbox Therapy gives us all 17 full minutes of hard-core in-depth information and details of the new gaming systems. Which one comes out on top in their opinion? It all comes down to arrogance in their outwardly opinion possibly against Microsoft. So, they pick the PlayStation 4 because it is just better. Yeah, that may be what you get out of it but we see much more. Check out the full “story” below on the video.

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