Get a Free Apple iPad, iPhone 4, $5000 Gift Card Through Facebook… Not Really!

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Have you seen those offers on Facebook that offers a free Apple iPad and you tried to sign up for the offer after becoming a FAN (LIKE) the offer? I bet you are still waiting on the free iPad to arrive in the mail aren’t you? Or maybe you are like some other people that I know and you got fed-up with the numerous surveys that you had to complete before filling out your info to ‘claim’ your free iPad.

Well, you may have already guessed it by now but all of those offers are scams! Graham Cluley has an interesting video demonstrating what exactly is happening with these scams found on Facebook which I have posted below for your enjoyment and education on these scams. It is not only the free iPad offer but other ones such as a free iPhone 4 or even a chance to win $5000. They are all scams and an easy way for scammers to get your personal information or send you annoying promotions through email as spam or through regular snail mail.

The not-so funny thing about this is some researchers believe hackers will use these enticing scams to spread malware eventually. Facebook staff really cannot keep up with the number of scams that are currently circulating over the social network that now has over 500 million users. It is completely up to you to use caution with these scams. If it is too good to be true, then it usually is especially on Facebook. Even if a friend supposedly sent you the link/offer, it is possible that they too LIKED the offer and it has sent out an invite to all of their friends.

Have you ever found a legitimate online survey and actually received the prize that you claimed online? If so, please tell me so I can get in on the deal too!

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